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"The Bohemian Club is a West Coast center for the inner elite of Templar Scottish Rite Freemasonry".
John Daniel, "Scarlet and the Beast", Volume II, page 25


"For some time now, rumor and public information have reported to me, Joan the Maid, that from true Christians you have become heretics and that, like the Saracens, you have destroyed true religion and worship; embracing a shameful and criminal superstition and wishing to protect and propogate it, there is no shameful deed or belief you do not dare. You ruin the sacraments of the Church, you rend the articles of Faith, you destroy churches, you smash and burn the statues which have been erected as memorable monuments, you massacre Christians simply because they keep the true Faith. What is this frenzy? What rage or madness drives you? This Faith, which Almighty God, which the Son, which the Holy Spirit have revealed, given sway and glorified a thousandfold through miracles is the faith which you persecute, which you wish to overturn and obliterate, not because you lack eyes or foresight. Do you think that you will not be punished for this?

Given at Sully, the 23rd of March, 1430 to the heretics of Bohemia (signed) Pasquerel (Joan of Arc's confessor), according to the distinquished historian Regine Pernoud)

Map of Bohemia as it existed in days of old

In Global Freemasonry, Harum Yahya wrote: "Half a century after this revolt [the Peasants Revolt in England in 1381], a clergyman in Bohemian by the name of John Huss started an uprising in opposition to the Catholic Church. Behind the scenes of this uprising were again the Templars. Moreover, Huss was very interested in the Kabbalah. Avigdor Ben Isaac Kara as one of the most important names that he was influenced by in the development of his doctrines. Kara was a rabbi of the Jewish community in Prague and a Kabbalist." (The primary source cited by Harun Yahya is the Encyclopedia Judaica, vol. 10, p. 759, brackets are mine.)

"The plot continued to thicken. Two centuries later, in 1618, there appeared in Frankfurt the Themis Aurea, the 'Golden Law', by Micheael Mayer, an organizer of the Rose-Croix, in which he states that this secret confraternity must remain so for a century. It's hardly coincidence that precilsely one hundred years later, in 1717, Freemasonry emereged from its wraps -- in England -- and organized is first Grang Lodge.

The Themis had also stated that at the time the author wrote, the "Law" had already been in existence since 1413, which would have placed its birth at the rise of the Hussite rebellion in Bohemia, the heresy derived from the Englishman John Wyclif, who had himself adapted it from the Albigensians. The stagering import of the Hussite affair, notes Pierre Virion, lies in its 'union of a political upheaveal with a religious revolt which presumed to remain within the Church but against Rome, transforming the Mass, opting for the vernacular....for Communion under both species, denying five of the Sacraments, removing their sacramental character, especially with regard to Orders, thereby suppressing the ministerial priesthood, arrogating to the laity the right to preach and interepret Scripture.' Thus Joan -- who incidentally invited the English to join the French against the Hussites -- was confronting exactlhy the same forces so potently at work today.

The 'Star of Bohemia' "was 'bequethed' to rabbinic leaders in the 14th century by the Hermetiist, King Charles IV of Bohemia and formally adopted as 'the Star of David' in 1898 at the Second Zionist Congress in Switzwerland." (Michael A. Hoffman, Judaism Discovered: A Study In the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit, page 794, Independent History & Research, 2008)

And we might note that it was the Hussites who later founded the communities in Moravia which so resembled soviet communism. Certainly the basic principles and even the vocabulary of the judeo-masonic revolution were well developed by St. Joan's time. Liberty, equality, fraternity -- the sovereignty of the people, the rights of man, seperation of religion from politics -- were not only known, but openly preached in the universities. which spread like a virus through the Mystical Body. A hundred years before Joan, a lawyer named pieree Dubois had actually laid out a plan for a court of international arbitration staffed by layman from all nations, from which the Pope was to be specifically excluded, in all essential respects like the United Nations."
(Star Spangled Heresy, page 166-167. Solange Hertz)

As Hillaire Bulloc points out in one of his books, France presented the fiercest resistance against the Protestant rebellions. In fact, Bulloc tells us, had it not been for France, all of Europe might well have fallen to the new Bohemians, the Protestants, who in all essencial respects had adopted the views of the Bohemian Hussites of an earlier age -- a fact that Luther himself admitted. After reading some books sent to him from Bohemia, Luther commented that he had been a Bohemian without knowing it. Whether knowingly or not, what he said was essencially true.

Thus, unbeknownst to to Saint Joan, whose letter, as quoted above, railed against the Hussites, who were the intellectual precursoras of Protestantism, she had arguably saved Europe from being overtaken completely by the Bohemians of a later age. In fact, one could even argue that in saving France, God has used Saint Joan to save the Catholic Church, so that, when asked by her interogators if she wanted to serve Mother Holy Catholic Church, and she replied, "Yes, Jesus served first", she could have never dreamed in her wildest imagination how incredibly and marvellously her wishes would be honored or her claims vindicated to the great glory of God, who had used an illiterate peasant girl to do in the span of a few years what no Doctor of the Church could boast of doing in a lifetime.

"For the good of Masonry, generally, but for the Jewish nation in particular. Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry" -- quoted from Craig Heimbichner's book Blood On The Altar, page 83. Pictured here is the Masonic Jewel of the Royal Arch, 7th Degree, of York Rite Freemasonry, which consists of thirteen degrees and three Orders: 1) Order of the Red Cross; 2) Knights of Malta, and 3) Templar Rite, which is The Order of the Knights Templar, also called the American Rite, is the highest order of the York Rite, the largest Masonic organization in the United States. The Knights Templar is the only Masonic Order that requires that all members profess to be Christians. The York Rite was created after the first anti-Masonic edicts by the Papacy in the 1700s, which evidently caused Freemasonry to create an ostensibly Christian organization to make the Papal warnings seem groundless. According to Catholic doctrine, however, these Orders are psuedo-Christian since joining a Masonic sect causes one to be cut off from the body of Christ.

In the Masonic publication, Lexicon of Freemasonry, by Freemason Mackey, we read that Dermont, presumably a Masonic scholor of note to Mackey, said of the 7th Degree Rite: "this I firmly believe to be the root, heart and marrow of masonry." Not surprisingly, since Freemasonry is based on Kabbalistic Judaism, the jewel of "the English Royal Arch is a double triangle within a circle of gold, and in the center of the hexagram, sun with diverging rays, and underneath, or suspended to this, the triple tau. The intersecting triangles denote the elements of fire and water [i.e., opposite principles in nature, e.g., good-evil, light- dark, etc.], the circle infinity and eternity, and sun is an emblem of Deity." (Lexicon of Freemasonry, page 420, Mackey; brackets mine.)

"The distinguishing principle of the Rite of Perfection is that Freemasonry was derived from Templarism, and that consequently every Freemason was a Knight Templar." (Masonic Family Heirloom Bible, page 14)



"Thus, while States are gravitating toward a Universal Republic, the Super-State becomes an infrangible dictature, which according to its will grinds them down or else thoroughly infects them; that Super State is called JUDEO-MASONRY." (Msgr. Jouin, page 24, The Papacy & Freemasonry, Msgr. Jouin, 1930

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