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Prepared & presented by the Nicholas Owen Society, Purgatory, CO, 2011

     *  2004,  Australia,  woman  exposes  OTO satanic
     pedophile  ring,  allegedly;   source:   internet


     (The lady at the centre of this story is Dr Reina

     ("Sarah Connor" is NOT Nova  Peris-Kneebone)

     The  following is a summary of events that detail
     the  infiltration  of  a  high-profile,  powerful
     group  of child sex offenders into my child abuse
     prevention organisation. What was uncovered as  a
     result  of this infiltration was the existence of
     an   Illuminati-based   child   pornography   and
     pedophile  ring  that  is operating in Australia,
     under the protection of senior-ranking members of
     Victoria  Police.  The  members  of  the  network
     include senior management and executives  from  a
     major   television  network,  media  celebrities,
     high-ranking  politicians,  police  officers   in
     charge   of   pedophile   and  child  pornography
     investigations, senior management representatives
     from  the  Department  of Education, directors of
     "child-focused"    service     clubs,     wealthy
     businessmen, and others. I have tried to keep the
     account as brief  as  possible  while  trying  to
     include all relevant information. The description
     covers events from 1995 until present. Names have
     been changed.

     Department   of   Education   Protects  Pedophile
     Teacher In 1995  I  started  running  Australia's
     first  child  sexual  abuse prevention program in
     schools.  This   school-based   program   teaches
     children  how  to  protect themselves from sexual
     abuse and what to do if someone tries to sexually
     abuse  them.  The program also teaches adults how
     they can best protect children under  their  care
     from  sexual  abuse. My assistant and I were at a
     particular high school  in  the  northern  region
     working  with  Year  9  boys.  We received a note
     written anonymously by one  of  the  boys  asking
     "What do you do if you get raped by a teacher and
     no-one will believe you? What happens if you  get
     raped  and  you enjoy it?". Later during that day
     we were asked exactly the same question by a  boy
     who was flushed red with embarrassment. I replied
     "Talk to the  Student  Welfare  Coordinator",  to
     which he replied "What if he is the one who won't
     believe you?" I emphasizied that it is  important
     to keep telling until someone believes you.

     During  the  day  my  assistant and I noticed the
     strange behaviour of a particular teacher, called
     Dick  Newman.  Later that afternoon I learnt that
     the car I had been driving had been rammed in the
     school's  car-park.  Witnesses  reported that the
     car had been rammed deliberately  by  a  man  who
     then drove off very quickly.

     The  local  police  were called and ran a licence
     check  on  the  car  and  discovered   that   the
     number-plate  was  fake. They then took photos of
     the crime scene using the school's camera. Later,
     when  it  was  revealed  that a teacher was under
     suspicion of sexually abusing the children at the
     school  and then organising the ramming of my car
     to intimidate me, the photos went "missing",  and
     no further action was taken.

     Dick Newman was the only person at the school who
     knew my car, as he had taken it upon  himself  to
     show  me  to  my car to give me directions to the
     shops during a break in classes.

     It was organised that the boys in Year 9 would be
     interviewed in order to find the victims and give
     them appropriate support. Three people (including
     myself,  my  assistant  and  a  counsellor from a
     sexual  assault  centre)  were  responsible   for
     conducting  the  interviews. At the completion of
     the   interviews,   there   were   concerns   for
     approximately  12  of  the  boys.  These concerns
     related  specifically  to  sexual  assault  by  a
     teacher  at  the  school.  However, by this stage
     (over  a  week  had  passed  since  the   initial
     program)  it  was  clear  that  the boys had been
     threatened. For example, when I  interviewed  the
     boy  who  had  asked  the  questions about sexual
     abuse by a teacher and  not  being  believed,  he
     huddled  into  a foetal position, started crying,
     and said he could not tell me what happened. When
     I  asked  him why he couldn't tell me, he replied
     that he had been threatened with  his  life.  His
     best  friend told me he would never tell what had

     Some time after  this,  we  organised  a  theatre
     company  performance  for  the  students  (on the
     topic of sexual abuse). While the  children  were
     seated  and  waiting  for the play to begin, Dick
     Newman made an unscheduled visit to the hall.  He
     proceeded  to  stand in front of each of the boys
     we had identified as potential victims and  stare
     them  down.  The  boys,  who  had  been happy and
     laughing in the excitement  of  waiting  for  the
     play  to  begin,  went grey with fear. Finally, I
     stood in front of Dick Newman so  that  he  could
     not intimidate the boys any further.

     I  was then told no further action would be taken
     as the boys had not named the offender.

     Program  Infiltrated  by   Pedophile   Board   of
     Management   I   was  the  recipient  of  a  very
     prestigious national award for Community Service.
     One of the judges was a well-connected government
     official (Ron Snide), and another was the General
     Manager  (Bob  Sisterly)  of  one  of  the  major
     Australian television networks (Network X).

     After winning this award, Bob Sisterly approached
     me  and  said  that  he  had  never heard of this
     terrible  crime  (child  sexual   abuse)   before
     meeting  me.  He  said  wanted  to help me get my
     program into every school in Victoria within five
     years   and   said  he  had  the  money  and  the
     connections to do this. He said  he  would  raise
     half  a  million dollars in six-weeks and have it
     matched within 6-months. He said that he and  Ron
     Snide  would  set my program up as an independent
     organisation and  that  they  would  establish  a
     Board  of  Management  consisting of all of their
     powerful and influential friends. Ron Snide would
     become  President  of  the  organisation  and Bob
     Sisterly, Vice-President.

     I agreed to Bob Sisterly's proposal as it sounded
     as  if  he  would  enable  the program to receive
     substantial funding  and  therefore  be  able  to
     reach  many  more  children  within Victoria, and
     across Australia. I did not consider for a second
     that  Bob  Sisterly and Ron Snide could have been
     deceiving me in order  to  get  control  of,  and
     ultimately,  to  destroy  the  child sexual abuse
     prevention program that I had developed.

     The  Board  members  and  supporters  that   they
     brought  to  the  organisation were very powerful
     and from the highest echelons of  society.  These
     included   the   Editor-in   Chief   of  a  major
     Australian  newspaper,  the  former  head  of   a
     child-focussed  service  club,  the  head  of the
     largest agricultural  society  in  Victoria,  the
     partner  from a well-known law firm, an extremely
     wealthy businessman and former  Network  X  board
     member, the head of a well-known accounting firm,
     the head of a successful advertising company, and

     Despite   having   such   wealth   and   powerful
     connections, in the  two-year  period  that  they
     served  on  the  Board  they  organised  only one
     donation   of   $25,000.   The   board    members
     subsequently  despised  the  donor and ostracised
     him from their community (which  at  the  time  I
     thought  was  incredibly  ungrateful!).  This  is
     compared with  over  $200,000  my  family  and  I
     raised  doing  the  fundraising  ourselves in the
     same time period!

     Furthermore, my efforts to  secure  funding  were
     being  actively  sabotaged. For example, after an
     interview on the  Channel  9  'Today'  show  (not
     Network  X),  I  was  contacted  by  a well-known
     multi-national company who said that  they  would
     like  to fund my program. This well-known company
     was  located  in  Sydney,  and  as  Bob  Sisterly
     frequently  went  to  Sydney, I asked if he would
     have  a  meeting  with  them  on  behalf  of  our
     organisation.   He   agreed.   However,  when  he
     returned from the meeting, he said for me not  to
     have  much  hope  and not to contact them for six
     months while they sorted out a new tax  issue.  I
     found  this very odd, as they had been so keen to
     fund the organisation when I had spoken to  them.
     I  phoned the woman whom I had spoken to, and she
     confirmed my suspicions.  She  had  been  at  the
     meeting and Bob Sisterly had told the company not
     to bother funding us, as "the organisation  won't
     be around in six months". Needless to say, we did
     not receive the funding.

     During this time period, I was without any income
     for  four  months.  Many  other people would have
     quit and  sought  other  employment,  however,  I
     believed  passionately  in  my  cause and did not
     give up, much to the chagrin of Bob Sisterly.  On
     one  occasion  he  said  to me "You have given so
     much to this cause in your life,  why  don't  you
     just give up? You have achieved more good in your
     short life than many do in a long life-time.  Why
     don't  you  retire  down in the country (I was 28
     years old). Go on, just give up". When I  replied
     that  I  would  never give up, he stormed away! I
     was confused by this behaviour, but as I  trusted
     him I did not think too much more about it at the

     The Board members achieved  one  other  "in-kind"
     donation.  It was the use of a Honda CRV vehicle.
     I appreciated the use of the vehicle while I  had
     it  (approximately  18  months). However, I later
     discovered that the  head  of  the  company  that
     donated it, a close friend of Ron Snide, had just
     been  convicted  of  child  sex  offences.  These
     offences   included   the   production  of  child

     Ron Snide organised a meeting  with  Tom  Fatsky,
     the  CEO of a major charitable trust and personal
     friend of his and to other members of the  Board.
     At  that  meeting  I was amazed when Tom asked me
     "Do you ever think that  by  preventing  children
     from having sexual relationships with adults that
     you are actually  HARMING  them?"  I  replied  by
     citing   the  research  that  strongly  indicates
     adult-child sexual relationships are  harmful  to
     children,  but he had switched his mind off to my
     argument. He then stated that in 100 years or  so
     it  will  be revealed that such relationships are
     not harmful but that what I was doing was harmful
     to  children. I was certainly taken aback and Ron
     said "Don't worry, Tom just thinks on a very high
     intellectual  plane.  High above yours". Needless
     to say, we didn't get funding  from  Ron  Snide's
     very good friend afterall.

     Meeting with VERY POWERFUL  Pedophile Politician

     After  winning  the award, I had a meeting with a
     very powerful state politician, Greg Neckett.  At
     that  time,  Greg  Neckett  was the most powerful
     person in the state. As well as being politically
     powerful  he  also  had  key  business interests,
     including  in  the  media.  When  I   was   first
     introduced  to  him,  he  was staring at me quite
     sleazily. After he asked what work I do,  and  my
     response  "child  abuse prevention", he would not
     make eye contact at all and sought to exclude  me
     from  the  meeting  in a very bullying manner. It
     was well-known that Greg Neckett  was  a  serious
     domestic violence offender, and that his wife was
     frequently being admitted to shelters in  secret.
     However,  given  the  power  and  status  of  Mr.
     Neckett,  the  issue  was  never  raised  in  the
     mainstream media.

     I was later to be informed by a very reliable and
     trusted source from the child welfare field  that
     there  is  a  file  containing  serious child sex
     offences (against  boys)  by  Greg  Neckett,  but
     because  of  his  enormous power in Victoria, the
     police would not act on  it.  I  also  discovered
     from  a  former  sex  worker  that  Greg  Neckett
     frequently paid St. Kilda  boy  sex  workers  for
     sex,  and that one of these boys "talked too much
     to the wrong people and ended  up  dead  with  an
     'accidental'   heroin   overdose".  It  was  also
     alleged that Greg  Neckett  intentionally  abused
     the boys in unusual situations (for example, in a
     helicopter) so that if it ever got out, the boys'
     testimonies   would   seem   unbelievable.   This
     of-course, is exactly the same strategy  used  by
     offenders  in  the  U.S  child-care centre cases.
     Interestingly,   Greg   Neckett   has    recently
     commissioned a statue of himself - as a gargoyle.

     Later  I  met  with  another politician (from the
     same political party)  who  told  me  that  "Greg
     Neckett  is  REALLY into that (child sex abuse)".
     This same politician told me  that  in  the  late
     1980's and early 1990's, the police were "getting
     too close to the truth, too close  to  people  in
     high  positions of power who are also pedophiles"
     and so the unit  that  had  been  established  to
     investigate  organised  pedophilia was shut down.
     (Soon after a pedophile police officer was put in
     charge  of investigating these offences to ensure
     that the  truth  never  got  out  and  that  this
     high-ranking network of offenders would never get

     Network X Produces  Pornography

     One day I was working on a computer at Network X.
     As  I  was  working,  Bob  Sisterly approached my
     computer and put a floppy disk in the machine. He
     said  "Look  at  this"  and proceeded to bring up
     images of pornography involving humans and Sesame
     Street characters. I was very embarrassed and did
     not know how to react. I asked "Where did you get
     that?"   and  he  replied  "Oh,  someone  put  it
     together here", indicating  that  Network  X  was
     producing  pornography.  I  was later to discover
     that  Network   X   is   also   producing   child
     pornography  and is, in fact, an Illuminati-owned
     and run television station. I was also  later  to
     discover that Bob Sisterly is a passionate member
     of the Illuminati "religion".

     Bob Sisterly introduces me to Mr.  Television.

     After winning the  abovementioned  award,  I  was
     invited  to  go  on one of the morning television
     shows  on  Network  X.  (This   was   before   my
     association  with Bob Sisterly. Ironically, after
     my association with Bob Sisterly, Network  X  did
     not  do  any  promotion of my work at all!) It is
     hosted by one of  the  most  famous  and  longest
     serving  television  personalities  in Australia,
     Ernie Old. I was asked to  prepare  a  number  of
     questions  that  Ernie  would  ask me. I prepared
     very straight-forward questions that focussed  on
     the  work,  so I was quite shocked when he glared
     at me and said "Are you  doing  this  because  it
     happened  to  YOU?".  I  was also stunned when he
     refused  to  allow  the  phone   number   of   my
     organisation  to  be  presented  on  the  air for

     When  I  later  became  closely  associated  with
     Network X Bob Sisterly would often say to me "You
     know, Ernie Old REALLY likes you. He REALLY likes
     you!"  This surprised me because my experience of
     Ernie Old had been the exact  opposite  of  that.
     (Interestingly, Bob Sisterly also frequently said
     to  me   "Greg   Neckett   (the   very   powerful
     politician)  really  likes  me  since  I  started
     helping you. He has me sit next to him at all  of
     the  formal  functions  we  attend now". This was
     indeed true, Greg Neckett, Bob Sisterly  and  Ron
     Snide were all the best of friends.)

     After   my   experience   with   Network   X,   I
     subsequently discovered that in the  late  1980's
     Ernie  Old  was  frozen  out  of  the  television
     industry due to allegations of his involvement in
     the production of child pornography. Although his
     alleged  involvement   in   this   activity   was
     well-publicisized  at  the  time,  he  was  never
     charged and about a year later he joined  Network
     X.   Since  then  he  has  continued  to  play  a
     significant  role  in  the  production  of  child
     pornography  in  Australia. One contact who works
     on the set of the morning program hosted by Ernie
     Old  finds  the  work  to  be very distressing as
     other on-air talent are  very  open  about  their
     pedophilia.  This  contact  is  disgusted, as his
     sister is a victim of child sex offences, however
     he   does  not  want  to  publicly  disclose  the
     information as he will lose his job.

     In addition to the above, I  am  now  in  contact
     with a boy who was paid $2000 a night to have sex
     with Ernie Old, from the ages of 15 - 18 years.

     Introduction to the Pedophile  Police

     There is a specialised police  unit  in  Victoria
     that,  since the early 1990's, is responsible for
     investigating all child  sex  offences  involving
     multiple-victims, offences committed by teachers,
     as well as child pornography offences.  I  had  a
     meeting  with  the  head  of this unit, Detective
     Senior  Sergeant  Nick  Flanagan,  and  was  very
     surprised  when the first thing he said to me was
     "Does Greg Neckett know about your program?  Greg
     Neckett  should know about your program". I found
     this a very odd  thing  for  him  to  say  as  an
     opening  statement,  and especially so, given the
     information known about  Greg  Neckett's  alleged
     sexual abuse of boys. I thought it impossible for
     this police officer not to know of these  things,
     given his specialist role.

     Relationship   between   Nick  Flanagan  and  Bob
     Sisterly  I  subsequently  became  aware  of  the
     "unusual"   relationship  between  Nick  Flanagan
     (police) and Bob Sisterly (Network X). I  invited
     Nick  Flanagan to do a presentation for the board
     members. Ron Snide was  "so  impressed"  by  Nick
     Flanagan  that  he  wanted to invite him onto the
     Board of Management (along  with  all  the  other
     pedophile  members). I later discovered that Nick
     Flanagan and Bob  Sisterly,  although  pretending
     not to know each other at the Board meeting, have
     a very cosy relationship indeed.

     Specifically, a couple of  years  ago,  a  senior
     staff  member  at  Network  X  was  charged  with
     procuring children for prostitution. At the time,
     the   wife   of   a  detective  working  in  Nick
     Flanagan's unit (Jan  Pummell)  received  a  very
     sudden  and  significant  promotion to become Bob
     Sisterly's Personal Assistant.  It  was  a  clear
     conflict of interest and deeply comprising to the
     investigation. Jan Pummell's husband  should  not
     have  been  involved  in  investigating Network X
     staff for their involvement in procuring children
     for  prostitution or any other child sex offences
     connected  to  Network  X.  However,   with   the
     appointment  of  the detective's wife to Personal
     Assistant of the General Manager of Network X, it
     was   guaranteed   that   no   other  information
     pertaining  to  Network  X's  illegal  activities
     involving  sex offences against children would be
     pursued by Nick Flanagan or  his  unit.  And  Jan
     Pummell  enjoyed  her  unexpected  and incredibly
     well-paid, new position at Network X.

     Pedophile  Police  Called   in   to   Investigate
     Pedophile Teacher and Other Offences

     In  1999  fresh  allegations  were  made  against
     Pedophile  Teacher,  Dick  Newman.   This   time,
     teenage   girls   reported   that   Dick   Newman
     approaches students and asks  them  to  meet  him
     after  school to meet 'Winston the Baseball Bat'.
     They indicated that 'Winston' was  Dick  Newman's
     penis.  They  reported  that  other students were
     very affected by this  behaviour,  and  some  had
     taken  to  writing  warnings to each-other on the
     desks, such  as  "If  Newman  asks  you  to  meet
     Winston, don't do it - its his dick!!".

     At  last,  Newman  had been named and the victims
     were prepared to come forward. Newman admitted to
     these   offences   and  received  5  sessions  of
     counselling. I then discovered  that  Newman  had
     conveniently  taken  up a temporary position in a
     country school (like a priest  being  moved  from
     parish  to  parish  when things get too hot). The
     principal at the original school had not told the
     new  school  the  circumstances  surrounding  his
     transfer and had instead said  "Poor  Dick,  he's
     had  a difficult time lately". I later discovered
     that this Principal was an expert  liar  and  had
     gone   over   and  above  the  call  of  duty  in
     protecting this pedophile teacher.

     At this new country school it was not long before
     further allegations of child abuse by Newman came
     out. Incidents of verbal abuse, such  as  calling
     students  "f--king stupid" were revealed, as well
     as physical assaults, such as  dragging  students
     out  of  the  classroom  and throwing them on the
     floor.  In  another  physical   assault,   Newman
     grabbed  the 12-year-old boy by the neck and held
     him by his neck against a wall.  Newman  admitted
     to  the latter assault, wrote a letter of apology
     and provided financial compensation for the  loss
     of the necklace.

     With  Newman  being  named  and  various offences
     being admitted to, I reported his  behaviour  for
     criminal  investigation  to Nick Flanagan's unit.
     It also provided the  opportunity  for  the  1995
     offences  to  be  re-investigated.  However, Nick
     Flanagan interviewed only 2 of the 12 boys on the
     list  from  1995,  and reported to me that as the
     first two boys did  not  disclose  anything,  the
     others  would  not be interviewed. In relation to
     the offences against the teenage girls,  Flanagan
     said  that,  at  15  years of age, the girls were
     "too young", and he did not want to distress  the
     girls' families by bringing up the topic of child
     sexual abuse. Therefore, these offences by Newman
     would  not  be  investigated  either. I could not
     believe what I was hearing!  Child  sex  offences
     are   offences   because   they   happen  against
     children! And at 15, the victims were  hardly  at
     the  young  end  of  the  age-spectrum!  It was a
     completely    nonsensical    reason    for    not
     investigating Dick Newman.

     As  for the physical assaults, Flanagan said that
     he was not responsible for  such  investigations,
     so  those  cases  would  not  be pursued either..
     (Interestingly, Bob Sisterly also frequently said
     to  me  "Greg  Neckett (very powerful politician)
     really likes me since I started helping  you.  He
     has  me  sit  next  to  him  at all of the formal
     functions  we  attend  now".)  He  said  "You  do
     understand,  don't  you!" (it was not a question)
     and I replied  that  I  did  not.  However,  Nick
     Flanagan   was   not   prepared  to  discuss  the
     situation  amicably  and   Dick   Newman   evaded
     investigation,  by  both  the  police in the unit
     established to investigate such offences, and  by
     the Department of Education.

     Further Dealings with the  Pedophile Police

     Whilst   at   the   country   school   (Goldtown)
     disclosures  of  child  sexual  abuse  by   other
     offenders   were   made  by  many  children.  The
     disclosures centred on two offenders in the town.
     The  specialised  unit  arrived to "investigate".
     However, the main victim  of  the  sexual  abuse,
     Sammy,  a 12-year-old girl, did not attend school
     that day. She arrived after school  on  her  bike
     and  her  face was visibly disfigured. I was told
     by her best friend that she had been  bashed  but
     her  friend  would  not  tell  me who did this to
     Sammy. Her smashed-in face was warning enough for
     all of the children. The police later went to her
     house, where she fainted upon  seeing  them.  She
     did  not  disclose  any abuse at all. Despite the
     fact that her face  was  visibly  disfigured  and
     swollen from a recent assault, the police did not
     pursue the matter further.

     The specialised police unit totally destroyed any
     chance  of  the  truth  being  revealed  and  the
     victims receiving the justice they deserved.  For
     example, they left children waiting all day to be
     interviewed and did not end up interviewing them,
     including  witnesses  to  attempted  child-rapes.
     They interviewed one  12-year-old  victim  (Lucy)
     and   totally  intimidated  her.  When  the  girl
     indicated that the police didn't believe her  the
     first  time  she  told  them what had happened to
     her, one officer lent right over the top of  her,
     pointed  his  finger  directly  in  her  face and
     hissed "Don't say that! You don't know that!".  I
     was  shaking,  and I was an adult sitting next to
     the girl! As she  walked  out  of  the  interview
     room,  the  officer said in voice loud enough for
     the girl to hear "We have serious concerns  about
     the  truth  of  what this girl is saying". It had
     the desired effect, Lucy  burst  into  tears  and
     said  "The  police don't believe me. I don't want
     to keep going". The Welfare Co-ordinator, who was
     also in the room during the interview, and who is
     also an experienced sexual assault counsellor and
     child protection officer, said to me "That wasn't
     an interview. That was designed to stop  a  child
     from talking".

     The police did not pursue the case any further on
     the following grounds: No-one would believe Sammy
     if  she disclosed the abuse in the future, as she
     hadn't disclosed the first time. (The  fact  that
     she had been bashed would not be seen as relevant
     to her hesitancy to disclose?!) Lucy had led  all
     the  children  on (to make up "stories" of sexual
     abuse for fun,  even  though  the  children  were
     visibly  traumatised).  In relation to the sexual
     abuse of a boy, "men try  to  touch  other  men's
     penises  after football matches all the time" (!)
     so it was not worthy of  pursuing.  And  finally,
     that  there  was  not  enough  evidence - this is
     despite the fact that there were WITNESSES to the
     attempted   rapes   of   the  children,  and  the
     testimonies of many victims provided  significant
     corroboration.  Also, many adults reported having
     been sexually abused by the same  offenders  when
     they  were  children,  but  the police refused to
     interview these adults.

     The Case is Stonewalled by the  Pedophile Police

     The   police   recommended   that   the   Welfare
     Co-ordinator make reports to the Child Protection
     department as they stated it  was  a  "protective
     issue,   not   a   criminal   one".  The  Welfare
     Co-ordinator did this, but weeks passed  and  the
     children  were  not interviewed, and she inquired
     as to  why.  She  was  informed  that  the  Child
     Protection  Department  would  not  be taking any
     further action "on the advice of the police". So,
     after  telling  the  Welfare Co-ordinator to take
     the case to Child Protection  for  investigation,
     the    Police    effectively   stone-walled   the
     investigation by advising Child Protection NOT to

     Relationship   between   Bob  Sisterly  and  Nick
     Flanagan During the two-year  association  I  had
     with  Bob  Sisterly,  Don  Snide and the Board of
     Management that they had established,  I  trusted
     them implicitly. Although incidents occurred that
     often left me confused, and  often  baffled,  and
     of-course,    frequently   without   funding,   I
     continued to trust them. Bob Snide always said to
     me  "I'm  here  to  help".  It  was his favourite
     saying. I therefore reported all  of  the  events
     that  had  occurred  at  the  northern  secondary
     school and the Goldtown school, to Bob  Sisterly.
     Bob Sisterly then told me that he knows Detective
     Senior Sergeant Nick Flanagan (in contrast to his
     earlier  pretence of not knowing him at all!). He
     stated that  Nick  Flanagan  is  a  "really  good
     bloke".   However,   when   I   spelt   out   the
     stonewalling of the Goldtown case, Bob Sisterly's
     face    twitched    and    he    became   visibly
     uncomfortable. I  had  never  seen  Bob  Sisterly
     react in this way.

     It  was  soon after this that very strange events
     began to occur.

     On one occasion Bob Sisterly was on the phone  to
     his "boss" (of Network X). When his boss realized
     that  I   was   present   he   began   to   speak
     aggressively,  not knowing that I could hear him.
     He was saying "put her on the phone to  me,  I'll
     sort her out!". Of course, I found this all to be
     very strange as I had never  even  met  this  man
     before.  However, when Bob Sisterly apologised on
     behalf of his boss, I accepted it and put it  out
     of  my  mind  -  again,  because  at  that time I
     trusted him.

     I had recently purchased  a  very  cheap  country
     property  that  I planned to use as a retreat for
     abused children. I invited the board  members  to
     view   the   site.  None  attended,  however  Bob
     Sisterly said that he wanted to go -  alone  with
     me. He said he had set aside the whole day for it
     and was putting me under enormous pressure to  go
     with  him.  I felt very uncomfortable about it as
     he had insisted on a number of details. First, it
     had  to  be  a  complete  secret.  I  wasn't even
     allowed to tell my parents that I was going,  let
     alone where I was going. Second, he had to drive.
     I wasn't even allowed to  drive  my  car  to  the
     station  and  for us to drive together from there
     (my car had to stay at  my  unit  car-park).  And
     third,  Bob  Sisterly  insisted  on picking me up
     from  my  unit   before   day-break.   This   was
     unnecessary  as the trip only takes two-hours. Of
     course, all of these bizarre "conditions" and the
     huge  pressure  that  Bob Sisterly was putting me
     under  made  me  feel  extremely  wary.  With  my
     parents'  help  I  made  up an excuse at the very
     last minute and did not go.

     However, if I had done as Bob Sisterly had wanted
     and  if  anything  had happened to me that day, I
     would have gone missing without a trace.

     Sammy's relationship to Network  X

     Sammy, the 12-year-old-girl  from  Goldtown,  was
     the   main  victim  of  the  sexual  abuse  being
     perpetrated against children  in  the  town.  She
     referred  to  the offender (a man in his 60's) as
     her "boyfriend", and her close  friends  knew  of
     the  sexual  activities  between her and the man.
     The offender also happened to be the best  friend
     of  her father. I was asked to provide support to
     Sammy, and in one session it became apparent that
     Sammy's  personality had been totally fragmented.
     In her words, she was like "a house with  mirrors
     everywhere,  smashed  into  broken  bits". It was
     later that I learned about the Illuminati use  of
     trauma-based   mind  control,  sexual  abuse  and
     satanic ritual to force children to create "alter
     personalities".  Other information from Sammy has
     led me to believe that she has been subjected  to
     all these forms of abuse.

     Sammy also told me that her relative takes her to
     Queensland (Australia) "whenever I want" and that
     she  can  get "whatever I want, too". It was only
     later that I learned of the immense  significance
     of what Sammy was telling me. Sammy's relative is
     a Board member of Network  X,  who  is  based  in
     Queensland.  It is my belief that Sammy was being
     used  in  Network   X's   production   of   child
     pornography, both in Victoria and Queensland.

     Here  is  another example of the police's failure
     to investigate a case with ominous connections to
     Network  X.  In  particular, the police unit that
     has been established specifically and exclusively
     to  investigate such cases well and truly ensured
     that this case would go NOWHERE.

     After two sessions with Sammy I was told that the
     school  had  "received  complaints"  that  I  had
     "brainwashed  the  children"  and   the   support
     sessions were terminated.

     More  Connections to the Illuminati - the Satanic
     Cult in Goldtown

     I was to learn later that there is a Satanic cult
     operating  in  Goldtown.  I learned this from two
     independent sources. One  was  from  a  Christian
     woman  who  was  raised in the town and who since
     had moved elsewhere. The other was from an  adult
     survivor of the cult, Mick.

     The  Satanic  cult  is  very  powerful within the
     town, and was headed up by the most powerful  and
     influential  families  of  the  town.  One of the
     members  owned  and  operated  the   photographic
     studio  in  the  town. Furthermore, Greg Neckett,
     the powerful politician mentioned previously, has
     significant "business operations" extremely close
     to Goldtown, and he was driven (by his driver) to
     this location every week.

     Mick's Experiences

     Mick was introduced to the satanic cult as a very
     young  child  by  an  extended   relative.   Mick
     informed  me of many experiences he was subjected
     to as a child in this cult. From everything  that
     I  have been told by Mick, the cult appears to be
     the   Order   Templis   Orientus    (Illuminati),
     operating  in  Australia.  Mick  now suffers from
     MPD/DID  but   has   survived   his   experiences
     remarkably  well  considering  the traumas he has
     been through.

     As  a   child   Mick   was   forced   to   attend
     blood-rituals,  where  animals and small children
     were  sacrificed  and  their  blood  and   organs
     consumed. Mick was required to clean up the blood
     after these rituals. The children and babies were
     street children or were taken from orphanages, so
     that they could not be traced  and  no-one  would
     know,  or care, if they went missing. The rituals
     were spoken in Latin and  were  clearly  satanic.
     The  rituals  took  place  at  various locations,
     including Goldtown. Mick and other children would
     be driven to the rituals in the boots of cars.

     The  members  of the cult were extremely powerful
     members   of   society.   There   were   numerous
     politicians (mainly from the conservative party).
     These  people  would  often  speak  of  important
     events before they would actually occur. Mick was
     also  sexually  abused  by  Gerald  Oanasis,  the
     famous  television  personality  and professional
     partner of Ernie Old.

     Mick was one of the many children who  were  used
     to  "host"  parties of the cult members. At these
     parties the children acted as  waiters  and  were
     naked.  Many  of  the  adults, but not all, would
     wear masks at these parties. After the  food  was
     served   the  adults  would  have  sex  with  the
     children.  Children  who  tried  to  escape  were
     killed,  often  in front of the other children in
     order to control the children through fear.  Once
     Mick  and  another  child had tried to escape but
     were caught. The  other  child  was  murdered  by
     having  her  head  smashed  open with a rock. Her
     body was then dumped in a nearby mineshaft.  Mick
     was  spared the same fate, as he was told that he
     was the "chosen one", selected to  carry  on  the
     traditions of the group.

     Mick  was forced to participate in the production
     of child pornography, including movies as well as
     still  photographs. This involved sexual activity
     with other children as well as adults.  He  would
     get   paid   a   small   amount  for  his  sexual
     "services", while the relative who brought him to
     the  events  would  get  paid  a  large amount of
     money. As he got older, Mick was no  longer  used
     for sexual purposes by the group but was required
     to recruit new younger children. When he was  old
     enough (in his 20's), Mick was able to escape the
     group but  they  continue  to  contact  him  with

     Bob Sisterly's  "Religion"

     During  my association with Bob Sisterly I got to
     know him (in some ways!) quite well. One  day  he
     informed  me  of  his  "religious" beliefs. These
     were the opposite of mine (as I am a  Christian).
     I  was  also informed by one of his colleagues in
     the  media  industry  that  Bob's  "religion"  is
     "weird  s--t". At the time I had not heard of the
     Illuminati and it is only now that I realise that
     Bob Sisterly is an active and dedicated member of
     the Australian Illuminati. The symbolism used  in
     Network   X   promotional   material  is  totally
     consistent with that  of  the  Illuminati  (Order
     Templis Orientus), such as the key colours - blue
     and gold, and key imagery involving flames.

     Telephone Interference and  Intimidation Begins

     It was after reporting the events at Goldtown  to
     Bob  Sisterly that unusual events began to occur.
     My phone line began clicking, and the  voice-mail
     service  recorded  the  sounds of a tape clicking
     over (note, voice-mail does  not  use  tapes  for
     recording  so  the tape was from another source).
     Two of my organisations' staff members had  their
     cars  broken  into on the same night. In one car,
     the book "The Clocks" by Agatha Christie  was  on
     the front seat. The book is the story of a series
     of murders where the only evidence left  at  each
     murder scene is a clock. On the front seat of the
     other staff member's  car  was  a  broken  clock.
     Nothing  was  stolen  from  either  car.  On  one
     occasion I purposely said over the phone  that  I
     kept  all  of my files in the backyard shed (this
     was not true, I just wanted to test the  security
     of the telephone line). Soon after, the back shed
     was broken into.

     Board Members Propose a  Name-Change

     At one board meeting, Harry Napkin, the  head  of
     the  Agricultural Society, proposed to launch the
     organisation, despite the fact that it  had  been
     operating  for  nearly  two  years.  He had three
     ideas. The  first  was  that  a  rodeo  would  be
     organised,  and  whenever a rider fell from their
     horse or bull, money would be donated.  Thus,  it
     would  be  "money  for  every  bruised butt". The
     second  proposal  was  to  organise   a   "beauty
     pageant" for 12-year-old girls. There would be an
     award  given  for  "the  prettiest  girl  on  the
     shiniest pony". A photo of her on her horse would
     be used as a centre-page-spread  in  the  leading
     newspaper   (courtesy   of   the  Editor-In-Chief
     contact). The third proposal was to have a  photo
     of   sexually   abused  children  in  an  "animal
     birthing  centre".  This  photo  would  also   be
     published in the leading newspaper.

     Harry  Napkin  also  proposed  a  name-change. He
     proposed to change the name of  the  organisation
     to  'Shine'.  I  did not want to do this, and the
     members of the  Board  put  me  under  incredible
     pressure to adopt this name-change.

     It  was  only  later  that  I  learnt  about  the
     Illuminati connections and  the  significance  of
     their  symbolism  and language. 'Shine' is a very
     significant Illuminati term.

     Realisation Dawns

     It  was  at  this  point  that  I  realised  that
     something was dreadfully wrong. I rejected all of
     the proposed ideas (very politely, but firmly). I
     also  called for all outstanding Criminal Records
     Checks to be undertaken immediately. The Criminal
     Records  Check had been designed only to identify
     whether  a  person  had  committed   any   sexual
     assaults  against children or had any involvement
     in related offences, such as  child  pornography.
     Therefore,  if  a  person had smoked marijuana in
     their university days, this would not be revealed
     in the Criminal Record Check.

     This  was  a  policy that I had insisted on right
     from the start (nearly two  years  ago),  however
     Bob  Sisterly  had  given  numerous excuses every
     time I had requested his. He even went so far  as
     to suggest that he would organise it "on the sly"
     using his "contacts in  the  force".  I  did  not
     pursue  that  option  and  instead gave the Board
     members two weeks to  complete  their  forms  and
     submit them.

     Bob   Sisterly,  while  initially  embracing  the
     policy at the start, ultimately refused to submit
     a Criminal Records Check.

     The Significance of Shine

     I   discovered   that   there  is  an  Australian
     Internet-based group  called  'Shine'.  The  site
     includes  a  membership section where members are
     able to exchange photos etc, including "S&M"  and
     "hard-core  Ernie  Old  style".  It  is  a  child
     pornography club that  operates  similar  to  the
     notorious Wonderland club.

     I  noted  the code-names used by the operators of
     the Shine site, one of  which  was  Natas  (Satan
     backwards).  I  went  to  the  Network X site and
     entered a  secret  section  on  the  site  (which
     members of the public would never know about). It
     asked for the password,  so  I  typed  in  Natas,
     which took me to another level. It then asked for
     the next level password, which I didn't have. The
     computer   then   went   beserk  and  was  almost
     impossible to turn off. I managed to do  so  only
     by pulling out all of the connections. Soon after
     this, the Internet site for Network  X  was  shut
     down  and  remained  shut  down  for  a number of
     months,  which  is  rather  unusual  given   that
     Network X is such a large company.

     Later  that year, the Department of Education put
     on a concert  involving  thousands  of  children.
     They  chose  to  call  it  'Shine'.  This  was an
     interesting choice of title, given my  experience
     and  other people's experiences of the Department
     of Education protecting pedophile teachers.

     A further interesting  connection  was  that  Bob
     Sisterly   and  Ron  Snide  organised  a  meeting
     between  us  and  the  senior  managers  of   the
     Department of Education. When we all met, the men
     acted as if they did not know each other and were
     meeting  for  the first time (exchanging business
     cards, etc). However, when the men thought I  was
     gone  (I  was  in fact standing just out of their
     sight), it was very clear that they not only knew
     each   other,  but  that  they  knew  each  other
     extremely well. They were saying things  such  as
     "Great to see you again, mate!" and slapping each
     other on the back!

     Escape from Bob Sisterly and the  Pedophile Board

     After I discovered what was going on (at least, I
     started  to  discover what was going on) I knew I
     had to break away from Bob  Sisterly,  Ron  Snide
     and  the  people  they  had  put  on the Board of
     Management. The AGM was coming up and I organised
     for my family to attend. We did this secretly, as
     we  knew  that  the  phone   lines   were   being
     monitored.  On  the  night  of the AGM, the board
     members were visibly shocked when they  saw  that
     members   of   my   family   were  attending.  It
     transpired that, rather than undertake a Criminal
     Records  Check,  the  members  of  the  Board had
     planned to resign on the spot.  This  served  two
     purposes. One, they avoided having to undergo the
     Criminal Records  Check.  Two,  the  organisation
     would  effectively  fold as there would be no-one
     to take up the Board member  positions.  This  is
     exactly  what  Bob  Sisterly  had wanted from the
     beginning, but especially since I  had  begun  to
     uncover  the  corrupt pedophile police activities
     and the crimes in Goldtown.

     However, as my family had attended  the  meeting,
     they  were  able  to take up the positions on the
     Board, and the organisation did not fold. On  the
     surface,   the  meeting  was  very  amicable  and
     civilized, Bob Sisterly tried to remain calm, but
     he   ended   up   storming  out  of  the  meeting
     half-an-hour early.

     Mother Receives Death Threat from  Bob Sisterly

     My family and I all waited for half-an-hour after
     the  meeting  had  closed  (to  recover!)  before
     leaving. We had all come in different  cars,  and
     my  mother  had  parked  her  car in a nearby car
     park. She walked to her car by  herself.  We  had
     not  learnt  to  be  security-conscious  at  that
     stage.  As  she  approached  her  car   she   was
     surprised  to see Bob Sisterly there (he had left
     the  meeting  half  an  hour  early).   He   then
     approached  her  and  said  "You had better watch
     yourself. If you don't, someone  might  just  run
     over  you".  He  then drove off very suddenly and
     another board member followed in a different car.

     My mother and father told me about this incident,
     which  had left my mother very shaken. Soon after
     I received a message from Bob Sisterly saying  "I
     only  want to help". I was infuriated at the evil
     of this man, so I phoned his office  and  left  a
     message  with his Personal Assistant, Jan Pummell
     (I didn't know the significance of her  husband's
     relationship  with  Bob Sisterly and Network X at
     this time) saying "Bob has said he just wants  to
     help  me. Could you please tell him that it would
     be helpful if he  could  undertake  the  Criminal
     Records  Check  that  he has avoided for so long.
     After all, it is designed to only reveal  if  the
     person   has   committed   sex  offences  against
     children or related offences, like the production
     of child pornography. Oh, could you also tell him
     it would be very helpful if he did  not  threaten
     members  of  my  family. Death threats against my
     family really aren't helpful. If you  could  pass
     this message on, that would be great. Thanks".

     Soon   after  leaving  this  message,  my  mother
     received a  letter  from  Bob  Sisterly.  In  the
     letter  he stated that he was only joking when he
     told her to watch out or she'd end up  being  run
     over. Yeah, real funny joke.

     Report  to  Department  of Education - Complaints
     and Investigation Unit

     After these experiences I made a complaint to the
     Complaints   and   Investigations   Unit  of  the
     Department of Education. My complaint related  to
     the   conduct   of  teacher  Dick  Newman,  which
     amounted to repeated acts of  misconduct  against
     students,   and   the   police  investigation  at

     Interestingly, the  head  of  the  Department  of
     Education  Complaints  and  Investigations  Unit,
     Paul Gibbins, was at the very first meeting I had
     to  outline  my  complaint.  It  was  after  this
     meeting that  the  material,  which  I  had  been
     assured  by  Peter  Gibbins would remain strictly
     confidential, was  given  to  Nick  Flanagan  and
     Edith  Ireland  (who subsequently paid a visit to
     the new President of the Board in  an  effort  to
     pressure  me to drop the complaint). Paul Gibbins
     then left that posting, but "coincidentally"  was
     brought  back  to  it  to  finish  off  the  case
     involving Dick Newman.

     Paul Gibbins wrote a  letter  to  me  exonerating
     Dick  Newman on all counts "because the witnesses
     (which I had provided) cannot  substantiate  your
     claims". As you know, of the eight witnesses that
     I had provided to corroborate the case, only  one
     had  been  contacted  -  and she RE-CONFIRMED the
     concerns about Dick Newman. In fact,  she  stated
     that she was amazed that it had taken so long for
     the matter to be investigated! She was shocked to
     discover that Dick Newman had been exonerated and
     that the Department of Education had  LIED  about
     her testimony!

     After  I did the telephone round of the witnesses
     I had listed and learnt that only  one  had  been
     contacted,  I phoned Paul Gibbins to ask how many
     of the witnesses had in fact been  contacted.  He
     said  that  he didn't know but that he would call
     me back "within 24 hours". Needless to say, I did
     not    receive    a    return    phonecall   from
     pedophile-protecting Paul Gibbins.

     I truly believe that if the parents  of  children
     attending  Victorian  schools  new  the extent to
     which pedophile-teachers are being  protected  by
     the  Department  of Education, they would boycott
     the education system altogether. And if they knew
     the  suffering  that  some  children and families
     have  had  to  endure  as   a   result   of   the
     pedophile-protecting actions of the Department of
     Education, they would boycott the system on those
     grounds  too.  I  am  convinced if the parents of
     children attending the northern region  secondary
     college   new   of  the  monster  teaching  their
     children, and his shocking and extensive  history
     of  abusing students, there would not be a single
     child enrolled in that school in the future!

     Leaked Document

     After numerous meetings concerning the  complaint
     (which   I   was  told  would  be  kept  strictly
     confidential, particularly from Nick Flanagan and
     his  unit),  a  document  was  leaked  to me form
     within the Department of Education. This document
     revealed  that  the Department planned to absolve
     Dick   Newman   from    all    complaints.    The
     investigation  had  been  totally  and completely
     corrupted in order to absolve Newman.

     The grounds for this were that "no complaints  of
     a  sexual  nature  have  been  made  against Dick
     Newman since 1995".  This  was  unbelievable!  So
     Newman's  invitations  for  students  to meet his
     penis after school  were  not  considered  to  be
     sexual!  Also,  it was stated that as the schools
     had taken action in relation to each case,  there
     was nothing more to be done. So, it was therefore
     acceptable for a teacher to commit repeated  acts
     of serious misconduct, against multiple students,
     at different schools.

     It was very clear that  this  teacher  was  being
     actively protected.

     Theft of Department of Education  Files

     I  left a message with the Minister for Education
     to inform her that I had received information  to
     indicate   that   the   investigation   had  been
     seriously corrupted. Soon after, the unit that  I
     lived  in  was  broken  into and files containing
     information about the Department  of  Education's
     protection  of  pedophile  teachers  were stolen.
     This included a letter from a mother pleading for
     help  as her son had been sexually assaulted by a
     teacher and was now suicidal. She wanted my  help
     as  the  Department  of Education was covering up
     for this  pedophile  teacher.  Nothing  else  was
     stolen from the unit.

     Visit to the New President of the  Board

     A new President was appointed to the Board, along
     with  other  new  members.  One  day,   the   new
     President  of the Board received a visit from one
     of the workers in  the  child  protection  field.
     This  woman,  Enid  Ireland,  approached  the new
     President and  told  him  that  Detective  Senior
     Sergeant Nick Flanagan knew about the complaint I
     had  made  to   the   Department   of   Education
     (indicating     a     significant    breach    of
     confidentiality). She told the new  President  to
     cease any association with me and my organisation
     "for the sake of your  professional  reputation".
     The incident spooked the new President enough for
     him to telephone me in an effort  to  get  me  to
     drop  my complaint against Flanagan and his unit,
     which  I  refused  to  do.  Thankfully,  the  new
     President  had the integrity and courage to stick
     with our organisation despite the pressure he was
     being put under.

     Anonymous reports to Crime  Stoppers

     Approximately 12 months had passed when I decided
     I would make an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers,
     a   phone-in   service   where  people  can  give
     anonymous  tips  to  police   about   crimes.   I
     telephoned Crime Stoppers from a public phone and
     informed  the  woman,  Katie,  of  the  pedophile
     network  that  was  operating  in  Melbourne. She
     asked  me  to  call  back  again   with   further
     information and I did so.

     I told Katie that the network was operating under
     police protection and at that stage had not given
     her   the   police   officers'   names  who  were
     implicated. She then  asked  me  to  provide  the
     names of the police officers who were involved. I
     told her that I was very nervous to do  this,  as
     my  family  and  I  had  suffered  very  negative
     repercussions as a result of  this  group  and  I
     didn't  want  us  to  have to go through any more
     traumas. She spoke to her boss and he promised me
     that  the  information I provided would not go to
     the police officers  of  concern,  and  that  the
     information  would  go  straight  to  the Ethical
     Standards Division (ESD), which is  the  same  as
     Internal  Investigations. As she and her boss had
     promised that the information would  go  straight
     to ESD, I gave her the names of the officers.

     When I called back again to find out how the case
     was proceeding I was shocked when Katie  told  me
     that   her  boss  had  forced  her  to  send  the
     information  to   Nick   Flanagan's   unit!   The
     information  had gone directly to Nick Flanagan!!
     Katie apologised and  appeared  to  be  genuinely
     distressed at what had happened. I asked to speak
     to her boss and I told him that he  had  promised
     that  the  material  would  go  to  ESD,  and  he
     exclaimed  "Do  you  realise  how  serious   your
     allegations  are?" I replied that of-course I did
     - that's why I wanted the information  to  go  to
     ESD,  and  not to the police officers of concern!
     He said "We don't pass on  information  to  ESD".
     Katie  then got back on the phone and was clearly
     very upset. She implored me to  contact  ESD  and
     give them the information myself.

     Intimidation &Harassment  Begins Again

     Soon  after  this, my family and I were subjected
     to  harassment  and  surveillance.  For  example,
     nearly  every  day  there  would be a car out the
     front of my parent's home (where I had now  moved
     to,  for  safety  reasons),  with  two  men  just
     sitting  there.   The   men   often   had   large
     walkie-talkies.  The  cars often had large, thick
     aerials. Whenever a member of the  family  walked
     out  of  the  house  the people in the cars would
     speed off. However, sometimes we were followed by
     the  people  in  the  cars. The cars were usually
     very flashy, like large four-wheel-drives or dark
     shiny  sedans.  I  was  often  followed by men in
     white shiny cars with the number plates beginning
     with  VHA  and was to later learn that these cars
     were often used as government vehicles. Sometimes
     I  would  come  out of a location, say a friend's
     house, and there would be a man  in  one  of  the
     flashy  vehicles  just waiting there. It was very
     menacing and very stressful for my family and  I.
     We  also  received  unusual  phone-calls  at that
     time,  clicking  noises  over   the   phone   and
     sometimes    the    phone-calls   were   actively
     intercepted with heavy breathing or  laughter  or
     shuddering  screams.  My  incoming  mail was very
     clearly being interfered with.

     Visits from the  Mormons

     One day my mother and I came out from my parent's
     house  and  there was a group of men waiting in a
     car out the front of our house again.  They  sped
     off  when  we came out, but this time I got in my
     car and followed them. As I  drove  towards  them
     (they had turned their car around and were facing
     me) they flashed their  lights  at  me.  I  drove
     around the cul-de-sac, and was shocked when I got
     to my parent's house again. The men were  talking
     to  my mother from in their car. I called for her
     to get away from the men and she replied "Its  OK
     dear,  they're  Mormons".  I did not believe they
     were Mormons and I held my hand on the  car  horn
     and  chased  them  out  of  the street. A licence
     check on their car however,  seemed  to  indicate
     that  they  really  were Mormons, or were using a
     Mormon-registered car.

     I  did  not  think   they   would   ever   return
     (especially   if   they  really  were  Mormons!).
     However, two weeks later I was  getting  into  my
     car and saying goodbye to my mother. The same men
     approached my mother, not realising I was in  the
     car.  They  asked  if  they  could  ask her a few
     questions about me. I then stuck my head  out  of
     the  car  window  and  said  "If  you've  got any
     questions  you  can  ask  me!"  They  were   very
     surprised that I was there and asked "Why did you
     chase us out of the street that day. We are  just
     Mormons".   I   replied  "Because  some  of  your
     behaviour is most un-Mormon-like!"  The  man  the
     said  "Like  what?"  and I replied "Like flashing
     your lights at me". He then said  "Oh,  you  mean
     when  we  were  taking  photos of you? You didn't
     like us taking photos of you?".

     The 'Mormons' had just admitted to taking  photos
     of me, without my knowledge or consent.

     I told them to stay away from me and  my family.

     Soon after this I saw the same men in a different
     car. It was a  dark,  flashy  sedan,  similar  to
     those  that  were  often sitting in our street. I
     got the licence plate of this car and gave it  to
     a  trusted police office. He told me that the car
     was owned by a debt-collecting  agency,  or  more
     likely, a surveillance company as they often used
     debt-collecting as a front. The owner of the car,
     however  not  one of the men who had been seen in
     the car, was a Mormon.

     The  Mormons   were   very   clearly   conducting
     surveillance on my family and me.

     Reports to Deputy  Ombudsman

     After  the problems with Crime Stoppers I decided
     to call the Ombudsman's office and  pass  on  the
     information I had to them, including the incident
     with Crime Stoppers. The  Deputy  Ombudsman,  Ian
     Softman, put me under a great deal of pressure to
     meet with him and hand over all of my information
     to him for investigation. I said that I wanted to
     meet with the new Chief Commissioner  of  Police,
     Angela Franklin, as she was dedicated to flushing
     out bent police. Ian  Softman  told  me  that  he
     would  try  to arrange this. However, he reported
     that it was not possible and again put  me  under
     great  pressure  to give all of my information to
     him for investigation.

     I finally did succeed in getting  an  appointment
     with  the  Chief  Commissioner.  Contrary  to Ian
     Softman's claim that she could not meet with  me,
     she  had  never been informed that I had tried to
     get a meeting  with  her  through  him.  She  was
     extremely  annoyed  when she had been left out of
     the loop in this way, and the incident just added
     to my suspicions about the motives of Softman.

     Thefts of Evidence

     While I was reporting information to Softman over
     the phone anonymously,  two  thefts  of  evidence
     occurred.  On  the  first  occasion, the file was
     stolen from the boot of the car. I  had  left  it
     there  for two hours while I attended to a matter
     at a school. When I returned I discovered that it
     had  been  taken. I rushed home to check that the
     copy left at my parent's house was still there. I
     discovered that my parent's house had been broken
     into, the dogs drugged, and the file stolen  from
     a  hiding  place.  Much  was taken, including the
     letter of admission from  Bob  Sisterly  (of  the
     threat to my mother).

     Luckily,  I  had  kept a third copy with somebody

     Fires at Network  X  Studio,  Melbourne  GPO  and
     Celebrities Home

     At  this  time  a  number  of  significant  fires
     occurred. One was at a studio used by Network  X.
     Interestingly,  the  copy of the network's recent
     multi-million     dollar      production      had
     "coincidentally' been removed from the studio two
     days before the fire. All that survived the  fire
     was  a Sesame Street character, which took centre
     place in a photo of  the  scene  in  the  leading
     newspaper's  report.  Within  a  week  there  was
     another fire, this time at the Melbourne  General
     Post  Office.  All of the post offices boxes (and
     their contents)  were  destroyed,  though  little
     else  was affected. Finally, again within a week,
     a suspicious house fire occurred in he home of  a
     well-known  television  celebrity. This celebrity
     is a member of the same  secret  society  as  Ron
     Snide.  All  that was destroyed in the fire was a
     collection    of    videos    and    photographs.
     Interestingly,  the  comment of the celebrity was
     "It can all be put to bed now". A  strange  thing
     to  say  after  your  house  has  just gone up in

     A  further  interesting  incident   occurred   at
     Melbourne's  largest  brothel.  An armed intruder
     stole a relatively small amount of cash from  the
     brothel, but was led to the safe where videotapes
     of clients engaging  in  sexual  activities  were
     kept.  Video  tapes  of  clients  were  "stolen",
     including  those  of  Greg  Neckett,  a  frequent
     client  of this establishment. A reliable contact
     informed  me  that  the  theft  was  actually  an
     "inside job".

     Within a two-week period, thousands of videos had
     gone up in smoke or destroyed.

     These events occurred at the time of the  reports
     being   made   to  Ian  Snow.  It  is  also  very
     interesting  to  note  that  at  that  time,  the
     British  section  of  Interpol  was  in  Victoria
     conducting a "secret"  investigation  into  child

     Children    Tortured   or   Die   in   Mysterious
     Circumstances It was also around this time that a
     number   of   children  connected  to  the  child
     pornography  industry  were  either   killed   in
     suspicious  circumstances,  or  tortured.  I  was
     working with a young girl and was very  concerned
     for  her  safety  at  this time. I told a trusted
     police officer of my concerns for  this  girl.  A
     week  later  she  had been rushed to hospital. An
     unregistered "tank" (her  word,  meaning  a  very
     solidly  built  car)  had come out of nowhere and
     slammed  into  the  car  in  which  she   was   a
     passenger. Thankfully, she survived.

     Fears for My Life

     I had managed to arrange a meeting with the Chief
     Commissioner of Police (this was no  small  feat,
     as  there  had  been many stumbling blocks and it
     appeared that there were people  actively  trying
     to  prevent such a meeting). In the weeks leading
     up to the meeting I was in real fear for my life.
     On one occasion I came home late at night and saw
     two men sitting in a car just up from my parent's
     house.  As no-one was home at my parent's house I
     drove to the top of the  hill  to  stay  with  my
     friends.  They  did  not  hear the door-bell, and
     while I was  standing  in  the  street  wondering
     where I would go, the men in the car drove up the
     hill very slowly, looking for me. I  had  all  of
     the  evidence with me (since the thefts I did not
     let it out of my sight) and had to  quickly  hide
     in  the  bushes.  The  men  drove up and down the
     street no less than five times looking for me.  I
     had to cut through the backs of homes in order to
     get to another friend's house, where I stayed the
     night. They also witnessed the men driving up and
     down the street looking for me.

     The next evening I heard and  saw  the  same  car
     drive up the hill. As no-one was going to be home
     that evening I quickly got in my car and drove to
     another  friend's house where I stayed the night.
     The next  morning  the  friends  discovered  that
     their  front  light had been smashed in. No other
     houses in the street had been affected.  However,
     the  neighbours  did  report hearing strange cars
     driving up and down the quiet  street  late  that
     night.  It  was  after  this that I wondered if I
     would live to  be  able  to  hand  over  all  the
     information I had to the Chief Commissioner.

     Meeting with the Chief  Commissioner of Police

     I   attended   the   meeting   with   the   Chief
     Commissioner of Police  along  with  the  trusted
     police  officer  who  had  investigated the house
     break in and  thefts  of  the  files.  The  Chief
     Commissioner  believed me and was very concerned.
     She organised for the  matter  to  be  thoroughly
     investigated.  The Chief Commissioner asked me if
     I wanted police protection for my family, which I
     declined   (sometimes   that   results   in  more
     trouble). She told me I could contact her  office
     whenever necessary.

     Soon  after  this my unit was broken into and one
     of my collectable  dolls  had  the  eyes  painted
     over.  I phoned the Chief Commissioner's Personal
     Assistant and  let  her  know  that  I  would  be
     sending  the  Chief a letter via registered mail.
     At the start of the  conversation  the  line  was
     clearly intercepted, which the Personal Assistant
     heard. She told me to call her back from a public
     phone. Interestingly, after letting her know that
     a letter was coming to her via  registered  mail,
     the  Chief  Commissioner  did  not  receive it. I
     called some weeks later after having received  no
     response,  and  was  told  that  the  letter  had
     somehow been  intercepted!  All  letters  to  the
     Chief  are  signed  for,  and  the person who had
     signed for the registered letter I had  sent  was
     not known in the police force. However, after two
     days of the Chief Commissioner demanding to  know
     where  the  letter  went,  it  turned  up  with a
     post-it note attached 'Sorry, didn't  know  where
     to   send  this'.  Well,  to  the  person  it  is
     addressed to might be a start!

     Ethical Standards Department  Investigation  gets
     off to a Questionable Start

     I  had  a  meeting  to  begin my statement to the
     Ethical Standards Department. It was  clear  that
     the officer appointed to the case did not believe
     what I had to report. While he  went  to  have  a
     smoke,  he (accidentally) left me with the report
     that had been written by another  police  officer
     in  response  to  my  own  report  (that had been
     submitted to the Chief).  I  could  see  why  the
     police   officer   I  was  dealing  with  was  so
     dismissive of what  I  had  to  say.  The  report
     discredited  everything  that  I had reported. It
     made a mockery of my claim  that  Ernie  Old  and
     other  high-profile  individuals were involved in
     pedophilia and stated that there was  nothing  to
     support my claims of intimidation and harassment.
     This  was  despite  the  fact  that  there   were
     numerous witnesses to these events.

     The  author  went on to say that an investigation
     must be seen to be conducted however, because  if
     the information was to be made public there would
     be a public outcry. That is, make it look like it
     is being investigated, but don't do anything!

     Even    more    disturbing   was   the   specific
     recommendation that  a  Detective  Alex  Mock  be
     appointed to conduct the investigation. Detective
     Mock was a close friend  and  colleague  of  Nick
     Flanagan's,  and  had  in fact worked with him in
     his unit for many years. Indeed,  Detective  Mock
     had  only  left Nick Flanagan's unit three months
     ago to be transferred to ESD.

     It was very interesting timing. At the same  time
     Nick  Flanagan  receives information that someone
     is dobbing  him  in  for  misconduct,  his  close
     friend  and colleague gets a transfer to ESD, and
     ends up with the job of  investigating  his  best
     mate! How very convenient.

     The Deputy Ombudsman Gets the  Investigation

     After  this  turn of events (I reported it all to
     the Chief Commissioner)., the  Deputy  Ombudsman,
     Ian Softman, was given the investigation.

     Child  Care  Centre,  Pedophile  Network,  Police
     Pedophiles and Network X

     Ian Softman informed me briefly about a  case  in
     the early 1990's. I did my own research into this
     case and discovered that it involved a creche  in
     the  Mornington  Peninsula region. A high-profile
     group of men were sexually abusing, torturing and
     hypnotising  the children. The owner and his wife
     took the children out of the  centre  during  the
     day  to the homes of the rich and powerful, where
     the children would be sexually  abused,  tortured
     and  filmed.  The children were also subjected to
     satanic  ritual  abuse.  This  case  was   almost
     identical  to  those  in the U.S (Little Rascals,
     McMartin and others).

     The offenders were wealthy and  powerful  men  in
     the community and included police officers.

     Video  copies  of  the children being abused were
     obtained by Network X (How interesting it is that
     Network  X should be involved). However, when the
     story went public, the video tapes went "missing"
     and  the  police claimed that they never received

     Ultimately, the police did not  take  any  action
     against  the  owner of the creche, on the grounds
     that the children were too young to be viewed  as
     credible  witnesses.  While  there was conclusive
     evidence that four of the children had been raped
     or  sexually abused while at the day care centre,
     the owner was never charged.

     A concerned parent with links to  the  underworld
     offered  the  head  of  a  bikie group $10,000 to
     inflict enough damage so as to  ensure  that  the
     owner  of  the  creche could never sexually abuse
     another child again. The head of the bikie  group
     said  that  they  knew  about  the  owner  of the
     creche, and what he  was  up  to,  however,  they
     could not do the job. Much as they would like to,
     the owner had protection from  the  very  highest
     levels. He was untouchable.

     When  the  Mornington Peninsula child-care-centre
     case   broke,   an    investigative    journalist
     infiltrated   an   elite   child-pornography  and
     pedophile club based in  Melbourne.  Its  members
     were  all  wealthy and elite members of Melbourne
     society. It was chaired by the  CEO  of  a  major
     Melbourne Charitable Trust. This article included
     information on their use of telephone monitoring,
     courtesy of the group's contacts within Telecom.

     The   children   from  the  Mornington  Peninsula
     child-care-centre  reported  being  taken  to   a
     "pink"  room  with  a  spa  and other significant
     decor. It was in a house where the children  were
     sexually  abused,  tortured  and  filmed (amongst
     other locations).  Three  children  independently
     identified the house that they had been taken to,
     to the investigators. Sure enough, the  room  had
     been painted a dusty-pink color, and it had a spa
     and  the  other  decor  items  described  by  the
     children.  However,  as  you now know, no further
     action  was  taken  against  the  owner  of   the
     child-care-centre,  nor others suspected of being
     involved in the ring. What  is  most  significant
     however, is that the pink house WAS REGISTERED TO

     I am now working with some of the young survivors
     of  the  child-care centre and their families. It
     is clear that a cover-up  of  the  highest  order
     occurred  in  1992,  and  the  children and their
     families are still suffering from it.

     Present Days

     All  of  this   material   is   currently   being
     investigated  by  the  Deputy Ombudsman. However,
     the investigation has been marred  by  suspicious
     activity. Perhaps the most significant example is
     the  conduct  of  the  police  officer  Ian  Soft
     appointed  to  head  the investigation, Detective
     Jock Westland.

     My colleague, a counsellor who worked on the 1992
     Mornington  Peninsula  Creche case, provided Jock
     Westland with information pertaining to  a  video
     tape  that  depicted  police actively involved in
     the satanic-ritual-sexual abuse of children  from
     the    creche.   This   is   highly   significant
     information. However, I discovered  from  one  of
     the  other  investigators  that Jock Westland had
     decided not  to  pass  this  information  on  for
     further  investigation.  In  fact, his notes read
     "This witness (my colleague) has  no  information
     of significance".

     In  addition  to  this,  Jock Westland refused to
     investigate  my  claims   of   intimidation   and
     harassment  on the grounds that I was "paranoid".
     This is despite the  fact  that  there  are  many
     witnesses  to  certain events who can corroborate
     my claims,  and  indeed,  several  have  provided
     Statutory Declarations to do so.

     Jock  Westland has been under "investigation" for
     these actions for two months now, and I am yet to
     find  out whether he will continue to be involved
     in this investigation. If he remains on the  case
     we  can be sure that this so-called investigation
     is just another example of high-level  white-wash
     and  cover-up  of  organised pedophilia and child
     pornography in Australia.

     A final  note  on  the  Department  of  Education
     investigation.  I  received a letter stating that
     Dick Newman had been cleared of all  charges,  as
     the  witnesses  could not substantiate my claims.
     However, of the pool of  eight  witnesses  I  had
     provided  ONLY  ONE  HAD  BEEN  CONTACTED and she
     clearly  re-affirmed  the  concerns  about   Dick
     Newman. Another cover-up of the highest order and
     complete  protection  given   to   one   of   the
     untouchable pedophile elite.

     P.S.  All  the  real names of these child abusers
     are kept  at  several  locations  with  different
     people.  Should  anything  happen to me or anyone
     associated with me or should I or my organisation
     be  harassed  in  any  way,  the  names  will  be
     revealed immediately from several sources.




"Thus, while States are gravitating toward a Universal Republic, the Super-State becomes an infrangible dictature, which according to its will grinds them down or else thoroughly infects them; that Super State is called JUDEO-MASONRY." (Msgr. Jouin, page 24, The Papacy & Freemasonry, Msgr. Jouin, 1930

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