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Prepared & Presented by the Nicholas Owen Society, Saint Patricks Day, Purgatory, CO, 2012


Frank Perida,
author   of   The   Unholly
Alliance, here  gives  us  his  view  of  the
planned     "prophetic"    blueprint    of    the
Judeo-Masonic Emperium:
"We have seen how the Unholy Alliance between the
Jew  leaders  and  the  leaders  of  England  was
consummated, and  we  have  seen  how  the  Jew's
hatred  of Catholic spiritual power has compelled
them to destroy Catholic Europe with the help  of
the  British  Empire,  which the Jews now control
through their takeover of British Royalty through
intermarriage  and  actually  knighting  of  Jews
since  the  time  of  Queen  Victoria.  Remember,
Royalty,  previous  to this time, had been mainly
Christian and this is why the Jews has worked  to
destroy  the Christian Royalty. British Israel is
the front that the Jews and British leaders  hide
behind  in  their  atttack on Catholic Europe and

In order to look at the blueprint of conquest  of
the  coming  Jews  and the leaders of the British
Empire, we have to look  again  at  the  Scofield
Bible.  We  notice a development of a resurrected
Roman Empire, as  a  "prophesied"  future  event.
This  so-called  beast  system  of ten nations is
emblemematic of the ten  toes  of  the  image  in
Neuchadnessar's   dream   according   to  British
Israel. In alliance with  this  beast  system  of
nations  is the Catholic Church (Mystery Babylon)
and this "unholy" union  is  destined  to  attack
Israel  (Anglo-Saxonndom  and teh Jews). In other
words,  Catholic  Europe  in  alliance  with  the
Catholic  Church  of  Rome  is  to  attack  Great
Britain  and  the  United  States  accordgin   to
British   Israel   prophecy.   The  now  complete
political power of  the  Empire  is  setting  the
world  stage  to  enact what it hopes will be the
final drama to usher  in  the  spiritual-economic
order.  Theough  political and military power are
under the control and direction  of  the  Empire,
they   must   solidify   these   gains  with  the
establishment of the spiritual  Christian  states
"With  a  show  of  'divine'  deliverance'  to an
apparently besieged  Israel.  This  enactment  of
pre-arranged  'prophecy' is designed to unify the
spirit of mankind.

In order to work this fakery, the Jew-run British
Empire  has  infiltrated the Catholic Church with
its cabalistic Jews and Masons, in order to  give
the Church the prophetic appearance of the harlot
of  Mystery   Babylon   so   that   it   can   be
"prophetically" destroyed.

The  destruction  of  the Catholic Church and the
historic Catholic states of Europe is  called  in
British  Israel  "The  Burning of the Body of the
Eagle." We  quote  from  the  book  Three  Headed
Eagle, page 95, by British Iraelite A.E. Ferris.

"All  the  nations  forming the body of the eagle
such as France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy,
and  Spain,  in  fact,  all  the  Roman  Catholic
countries, will suffer a terrible judgement under
the  wrath  of God. the annihilation of all Roman
government, law religion, kings, priests, and son
on  will be so complete that never again will the
Roman eagle appear, nor her heads, wings,  little
wings,  etc.  This can only be accomplished by an
athiestic infidel revolution on the continent. As
the author forcast in 1940, the obvious agency to
bring this about is the spread  of  Communism  on
the  high  tide of Russion victory prestige. Time
will show  but  it  would  seem  that  the  fiery
destruction   of   the   2,000   year  old  Roman
civilization  could  only  be  achieved   by   an
atheistic  ideology  sweeping  in. With the moral
backing of such a great power as  Soviet  Russia,
such a revolution seems inevitable."

To  destroy  Catholic  Europe, the British Israel
combine  of  Jew  and  British  leaders  plan   a
resurrected   Roman  Empire.  (United  States  of
Europe.) Another rape of Europe is planned with a
neo-Nazi  type Germany at the helm of leadership.
The German nation and all Europe should  come  to
the  reality  of  the development of another fake
nationalism under the sign of the Eagle  and  the
Cross.  The blood bath of World War II was enough
proof to the blood  suckers  of  British  Israel,
whose  agents  directed  the rise and fall of the
Third Reich, that it could be done once more  and
Europe would be good for at least one more rape.

Should  we  argue the point or shall we look at a
destroyed and  divided  Germany  between  British
Communism  and the British controlled free world.
While we are harassed with the memory of the evil
deeds  of  a  misled  German  poeple who killed a
mythical six million Jews, nothing is said of the
multimillions of dead and destittute Germans, who
were maneuvered into a Judas goat frontman Hitler
who  was  financed  by  British  Jewish and other
international financiers and who was  actually  a
British  plant  who  knew  that the source of the
Aryan race bunk originated in the British Empire.
Nazie Germany is a living example that the shceme
of race and divine national origin is an ideology
of  power politics to move nations to their death
and, sadly enough, this  scouge  has  reared  its
head  in  America  and  is about to rear its head
again in Europe.

The grand act of World War III will  have  a  new
twist  in  that  the resurrectd and remilitarized
roman  Empire  will  be  used  to   bring   total
annihilation  to the United States with the death
of millions; after which event, Russia and  China
will be used to engage Europe to get the expected
result  of   mutual   annihilation,   leaving   a
sovereign British Empire. The killing of millions
of Americans is explained  in  The  True  Eccesis
distributd    by   the   British   Israel   World
Federation. "When the people of God (American and
British) sin, "Assyria" (Germany) is permitted by
the eternal God to  chastise  them  by  the  very
wrath  of  man  as  in  the  days  of Isaiah." In
preperation for World War III the "German Menace"
is  kept alive with the daily review of World War
II  Nazism.  We  are  being  manuevered  into   a
position of self-destruction.

To  pursue  the  meaning  of  the  propanganda of
British  Israel  and   its   interpretation   for
America's  future,  as  well  as Europe's and the
Catholic  Church,  we  quote   from   a   booklet
distributed  free  of  cost  by  the  Radio Bible
Class, coast to coast. In reference to "the great
tribulation"  De  Haan, a British Israelite, says
on  page  2:  "This   brief   but   intense   and
unprecedented  period  of suffering, destruction,
and death, will last for a period of seven years,
and  is  called the Tribulation." He says on page
8: "This period of Tribulation, unprecedented  in
all  history, will immediately precede the public
return of the long-promised literal but postponed
Messianic Kingdom here upon the earth. It will be
a  period  of  war,  destruction,   famine,   and
pestilence  ...  and  plunge  the  world into the
worst war of  all  history,  culminating  in  the
battle of Armageddon."

This  is  a  completely  false  interpretation of
scripture (the 70 weeks  of  Daniel)  to  support
cover-up  for  mansluaghter  on a world scale and
here it is the teaching  found  in  the  Scofield

For  further evidence of the anti-Catholic nature
of  British  Israel,  we  quote  from  a  booklet
distributed  by Destiny Publishers entitled, When
the Trumpet Sounds  in  which  Howard  Rand,  the
author,  seeks  to  show  that  a future union of
church and state will take place in the New Roman
Empire and Catholicism is the ecclesiastical part
of  this  union.  On  page  4  he  states,  "Many
Christian,  misunderstanding  the  meaning of the
term 'anti-Christ,' fail to comprehend the  whole
nature  of the ecclesiastical power to which Paul
referred.    Therefore    they    overlook    its
identification    (Pope   of   Rome)   with   the
anti-Christ."  On  page  6   he   states:   "This
destruction  (great  tribulation) is therefore to
descend upon the Roman  hierarchy,  the  spurious
pretender  to  divine offices, upon the political
counerfeit of the Kingdom of God....." On page 10
he  states:  "The  throne of David (the throne of
Jew-controlled Britian) not that of the  Vatican,
will  be  the fount from which the promised peace
will flow unto all people."

We quote now a  pragraph  from  the  ame  booklet
which          unequivocably         demonstrates
British-Jew-Masonic hate for the  Roman  Catholic
Church  on  the one hand, and proves that British
Israel is the Religion of Judaism on  the  other.
On  page  29 he states: "There is no question but
that we are very near the day when the arrival of
the  Lord  will be universally heralded. When the
outshiing glory of His presence  is  revealed  by
the  sign  of  the  son  of  man in heaven, every
fabrication of falsehood will be swept away. This
will include all concepts around which idolatrous
rituals and ceremonies of Roman  Catholicism  are
built. It will also bring to an end the rejection
of Judaism....."

We have stated that the scope of  British  Israel
political   messianicism   is  to  be  understood
spiritually    as    Jew-Phariseeism    (Talmudic
Judaism),  that it operates from the framework or
skeleton of  the  British  Empire  including  the
United  States,  that its instrument of action is
Masonry, that its plan of prophecy and its  final
goal  is  the  universal state with the mantle of
Crhistianity (Millenialism.)

British  Israel  propaganda  prophecizes  that  a
remilitarized  Germany will lead the beast system
(resurrected Roman Empire) against what they term
the  Israel  Nations  of  God. This "chastisement
will purify them" (Israel) and  their  new  faith
will give them leadership of God's Kingdom.

Marxism  is  millenialism  full  blown. It was no
accident, perhaps, that  Marx  was  writing  when
millenialism  was  particularly  strong  in  both
Britian and the United States.

The broad strategy of  these  British  Israelites
can be summed up by their reference to the "Great
Tribulation" W.C. Nabors in his book Prophecy  on
Parade,  published  by  Destiny, Haverhill, Mass.
(Headquarters of Brtitish Israel  in  the  United
States). "It simply means the final period in the
judgement of the nations during which the various
movements  within  the  human family under divine
guidance and the intercession of Christ  will  be
guided  to clean up this world mess and begin the
restoration of the nations  of  the  world  to  a
peaceful government under Israel. The restoration
is  to  be  initiated  at   Armageddon   in   the
destruction  of the seed of desolation (he refers
here to the revived Roman Empire united with  the
Catholic   Church)   and  the  return  of  Israel
(Anglo--Saxondom   and   the   Jews)   to   world
government  after  she  is  punished. (This means
self-inflicted punishment to disguise the  source
of  the  conspiracy)  and after the experience of
going through this world fire which  will  remove
from  her  all  of  the dross and impurities (His
dross and impurities is our Constitution and free
enterprise  system)  and  refine  her into a true
national representative of God's elect."

This is what they are trying to get us to believe
in the name of Christianity.

Remember:  Not  one  of the Reformers believed or
taught such an adulteration and not one  of  them
believed  or taught the coming of a millenial age
after this  gospel  age:  Luther,  Calvin,  Knox,
Wesley,  not  any  other  believed or taught such
Jewish hypocracy.



"Thus, while States are gravitating toward a Universal Republic, the Super-State becomes an infrangible dictature, which according to its will grinds them down or else thoroughly infects them; that Super State is called JUDEO-MASONRY." (Msgr. Jouin, page 24, The Papacy & Freemasonry, Msgr. Jouin, 1930

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