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In 1969, Oct. 30, CA, Gibbons boy tells of abuse by OTO cultists, The Press, Section B, Page One, "Gibbons boy tells about confinement", October 30, 1969

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Satanic Child Ritual Abuse and Torture Convictions

This case is one involving the occultists of the Ordo Templi Orientis getting convicted of child abuse and torture and it made headlines across the country and involved 19 Satanists of the OTO. Below are the ORIGINAL newspaper microfiche.

The Press

Riverside, California

Thursday, October 30, 1969

Has trouble identifying mother Gibbons boy tells about confinement


Press Enterprise Staff Writer

INDO- Six year old Anthony Saul Gibbons told a hushed courtroom here yesterday of being chained in an A-frame building and then in a box at a desert commune north of Blythe.

He had difficulty identifying his mother who is among those on trial.

The testimony by the boy concluded the prosecutions case in the trial of 10 persons charged with felony child abuse as a result of Anthony's alleged imprisonment.

Defense attorney's declined to cross examine the boy and the trial was recessed until 1:30 PM tomorrow in Superior Court here.

Anthony, looking alert and bright-eyed and wearing a red blazer tie and dark slacks, perched on a cushion and two telephone books placed on the witness chair. He barely glanced at this mother, Beverly J. Gibbons, 36.

As he was led to the stand to start his testimony, Mrs. Gibbons appeared to be choking back tears. None of the other defendants showed any emotion.

The defendants are accused of confining the boy because he started a fire that destroyed two buildings at the commune.

Gary Scherotter, prosecuting attorney, opened his questioning by asking Anthony if he remembered living at the ranch in the desert. The boy said he did.

Scherotter asked him who had lived there with him. Anthony named Jean Brayton, Gardner Renyolds, Jefferey Flynn, Richard Brayton, Virginia Michel, James Hungerford and his 11 year old sister Tammy. He did not mention his mother.

Scherotter then asked Anthony if he remembered a fire at the ranch, "Yes" he replied.

"What burned" Scherotter asked.

"The house and the goats. Not the sheep though," the boy said.

"Was he punished after the fire?"

"Yes," said Anthony. He said Mrs. Brayton, who held matches to his fingers, and he then was put in the A-frame.

"Do you remember who put you in the A-frame?"

"I think it was Spud." Anthony said, referring to Reynolds.

"Were you able to leave the A-frame?"

"Yes, when I took a shower." He named Flynn as the one who took him for showers.

He said he couldn't leave the A-frame otherwise.

Scherotter, brought out the chain and padlock allegedly used to imprison PAGE 2 the boy.

He asked Anthony fi he remembered them.

"Yes" he said. "It was no my ankle in the A-frame and in the box" Scherotter asked the boy if he remembered who put him in the box. Anthony said he didn't.

Scheroter asked who fed him while he was in the A-frame, "Sometimes Patty (Mosher) and sometimes Jeff (Flynn)."

"What were you fed?"

"I just had bread and water."

Scherotter inquired what he was given to eat after he was moved from the A-frame to the box.

"I started to have regular meals in the box." Said Anthony. He said Steve Quilly fed him most of the time in the box but that once he was fed by Miss Mosher.

Scherotter showed Anthony a picture of the inside of the packing crate where he was allegedly imprisoned for about 36 days after being in the A-frame for about 20 days since last May 25th. The picture showed cans, a plastic bottle, a spoon, a dish , the chain and some other items.

Scherotter asked if he had ever seen them before.

"Yes, in the box."

Anthony explained that one of the cans "was for me to go to the bathroom and one was to throw the trash in that I had." He said he buried the contents of the can containing his waste near the door of the box at night.

Scherotter asked about the temperature. "It was hot there in the box and the A-frame," the replied. "there were ants and files in the box. The files got on me and the ants bit me."

He was asked where he was bitten " On my legs and in my eyes and my hands."

Scherotter went over to the defendants and asked Anthony if he knew each one.

Scherotter pointed first to Hungerford. "Do you know who this is?" he asked. "Jim Hungerford," Anthony said.

He next pointed to the boy's mother, Mrs. Gibbons, seated next to Hungerford. "Jim Hungerford's mother?" said Anthony. He then looked again, "Is it my mother?" he asked.

Scherotter inquired whether Anthony had ever seen Mrs. Gibbons at the ranch while he was in the A-frame or box. "No, just before the house burned." He said.

Scherotter asked again who the woman was, "Bev," said Anthony. "Is she your mother?" "Yes."

The boy said he didn't know the next two defendants, Jack Neece and Michael Foxworth.

Scherotter indicated Miss Mosher and asked if Anthony knew her name.

"Yes," he said. "Patty Mosher."

Judith Oster was asked to stand.

Anthony said he used to know her name but didn't any more.

The boy knew the next three defendants - Reynolds, Flynn and Miss Michel. Scherotter went last to John Nicholson and asked him to stand. Anthony said he didn't know Nicholson.

"Did you ever see your father while you were in the box?" Scheroter asked. "Yes," said Anthony, but no further details were elicited.

The boy's father, James H. Gibbons, and six others indicted on child abuse charges remain at large.

Scherotter made no attempt to evaluate the relationship between the boy and his parents.

As Anthony left the stand and went over to Scherotter, Mrs. Gibbons started to go to her son.

She was restrained by her lawyer, Rex Egan. She started to choke back tears, but did not break down.

Scherotter took the boy by the and led him from the courtroom. Anthony did not look at his mother.

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The FBI files

Sections blacked out by the FBI censors are marked XXX.

The Originals courtesy of a researcher in Switzerland. Thanks Peter. I sure wish the Special Agent in Charge part wasn't blacked out, I'd love to talk to him.

  Date: 8/15/69
  TO: DIRECTOR, FBI ATTN: Identification Division
  FROM: SAC, LOS ANGELES (88-16511)

  OO: Los Angeles

The following information was furnished 8/14,15/69 by XXX Riverside County Sheriff's Office, and XXX Riverside County District Attorney's Office, Blythe, California. These agencies requested Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution (UFAP) assistance for captioned subjects:

This case involves an organization or cult known as O.T.O., which letters stand for Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Temple of the Orient or Oriental Templars). It is also known as the "Eye of Horus" and has had book stores under this name. The aims of O.T.O. are the teaching of hermetic science or occult knowledge, the pure and holy magic of light, the secrets of mystic attainment and yoga of all forms. According to cult literature entitled "Manifesto of the O.T.O.", it embodies the whole of the secret knowledge of all Oriental orders and "has existing branches in every civilized country in the world."

The O.T.O. maintained book stores in Blythe, California, and at 1918 West Eight Street, Los Angeles, which later moved to 1241 West 30th Street, Los Angeles. These "Eye of Horus" book stores were managed by subject ROBERT ALLEN DUERRSTEIN.

A group or commune of the O.T.O. based in Los Angeles, California, at 1241 West 30th Street and 2627 Menlo Street, approximately one and one half to two years ago began building a retreat or commune on 20 acres of land located in a remote desert area, 38 miles north of Blythe, California, on Highway 95. According to tax records, this property is in the name XXX. During the period of construction, the cult members worked in Los Angeles and traveled to this property on weekends.

About three to four months ago, a large part of this group moved to this desert commune and several obtained jobs in Blythe. The buildings consisted of a Quonset type building and "houses" made out of "piano boxes" and "A" frames. They maintained livestock such as cows, goats, and horses on this property. The O.T.O. also listed a run-down tavern, motel, store, and station at Vidal, California, approximately two miles from their commune.

Among persons moving to this commune were five children, two of which were ANTHONY SAUL GIBBONS, also known as Saul Gibbons, age 6, XXX. Their mother, BEVERLY JUNE GIBBONS, a white female, age 36, and xxx APPROX. father, JAMES HERBERT GIBBONS, an employee of the Los Angeles County Probation Department at Camp David Gonzales, were members of O.T.O. Witnesses state that according to rules of the cult, the parents were not to have direct control over their children and the children would be in effect wards of the O.T.O.

On 7/26/69, XXX went to the commune to look at some horses which were for sale. At this time, they observed a child chained inside of a large shipping crate and thereafter notified the Riverside County Sheriff's Office.

Riverside County Sheriff's Deputies proceeded to the commune, where they found SAUL GIBBONS sitting on a mattress in a 6' by 6' box. A heavy metal chain was padlocked to his left leg and the other end of the chain was locked to a large metal plate. The box also contained a No. 10 can partially filled with human waste and swarming with flies. Also, the box contained an uncovered plastic jug with drinking water, a food encrusted plate, and a small washtub filled with dirty water. The stench was nauseating, the flies were swarming, it was hot, and the boy could not recall how long he had been in the box. The recorded temperature in Blythe since 7/1/69 reached 117 degrees with 12 days reaching 110 degrees or more.

Investigation determined that on 5/20/69 the Quonset hut at the commune, with many of the cult's belongings, burned down. This fire was not reported to authorities.

Cult members determined that SAUL GIBBONS set the fire and about three days later, GEORGINA BRAYTON, RICHARD BRAYTON, and ROBERT DUERRSTEIN, as well as other cult members, proceeded to the commune from Los Angeles.

XXX former O.T.O. members, stated that GEORGINA BRAYTON is the leader of the group and ROBERT DUERRSTEIN is second in command. The group is strictly disciplined and JEAN BRAYTON finalizes all decisions.

Upon arrival at the commune in May, JEAN BRAYTON is alleged to have held lit matches to the hand of SAUL GIBBONS as punishment for burning the Quonset down and for killing two goats which were destroyed by the fire. She allegedly made SAUL bury the goats after which he was "beaten all day" with bamboo sticks by the adult members of the commune while the BRAYTONS and DUERRSTEIN watched. SAUL was then put in an "A" frame building by the "cow pens" and chained to the heavy metal plate. He allegedly stayed in the "A" frame two weeks, during which time he was fed only bread and water. Thereafter, he was transferred to the 6' by 6' wooden box in which he was found on 7/26/69.

A week or two after SAUL's original punishment at the commune, a meeting was held at the O.T.O. Temple, 2627 Menlo, Los Angeles. JEAN BRAYTON told those present that as punishment for setting the fire she had burned SAULS's hands with matches, made him dig the grave and bury the carcasses of the two goats. and then chained him in an "A" frame, where he was to sit in Asana, a yogie position. She then said that when it was convenient, she was going to give SAUL LSD and set fire to the structure in which he was chained and give him just enough chain to get out of reach of the fire. She asked if anyone had any objections or better ideas. No one, including SAULS' mother, BEVERLY GIBBONS, who was present at the meeting, had any objections. ROBERT DUERRSTEIN suggested they kill the child, but JEAN BRAYTON said this would not be necessary. BEVERLY GIBBONS allegedly remarked during these conversations that it was "sacrificing one to save many".

SAUL GIBBONS, age 6, was apparently chained in the above condition from about 5/23/69 to 7/26/69.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Office arrested the following cult members after SAUL was found and they were subsequently booked 8/13/69 on Riverside County Grand Jury indictments charging child abuse. They are currently out on bond:

CLIFFORD ALAN REOS, white male, age 21, 5'10", 160 pounds, brown hair, and green eyes; MICHAEL JOHN FOXWORTH, white male, age 20, 6'20", 175 pounds, brown hair, and brown eyes; GARDNER HERBERT REYNOLDS, JR., white male, age 22, 5'11", 180 pounds, brown hair, and hazel eyes; JAMES EDWARD HUNGERFORD, white male, age 22, 6', 175 pounds, brown hair, and blue eyes; VIRGINIA CELESTE MICHEL, white female, age 21, 5'3", 110 pounds, brown hair, and blue eyes; PATRICIA ANN MOSHER, white female, age 26, 5'3", 105 pounds, brown hair, and blue eyes; JACK REVEL NEECE, white male, age 22, 5'8", 140 pounds, brown hair, and blue eyes; JOHN FRANCIS NICHOLSON, white male, age 21, 5'8", 148 pounds, brown hair, and blue eyes; JUIDH LYNN OSTER, nee Angelson, also known as Julie Oster, an employee of the Bank of America; BEVERLY JUNE GIBBONS, white female, date of birth 5/13/33, 5'4", 105 pounds, brown hair, and brown eyes; JEFFERY FLYNN

As previously stated, the above listed persons have been charged with felony child abuse and are currently out on bond.

On 7/28/69, XXX Riverside County District Attorney Investigator, interviewed XXX who were all together at Blythe, California. He also talked that date by phone with XXX. Warrants were not outstanding for these persons at this time and they were not arrested. All of these people disappeared thereafter and their whereabouts are currently unknown.

XXX Vidal, California, advised the Riverside County Sheriff's Office 8/4/69 that XXX disappeared after the above arrests and that she had seen a letter from RICHARD BRAYTON to XXX , which was postmarked in Arizona, city unknown. While JULIE OSTER was in the Blythe jail, conversation was overheard between JULIE and O.T.O. friend in which JULIE said that if "she (JEAN BRAYTON) couldn't come back in the stat, someone else would have to administer the business enterprises at Vidal". Also, that the BRAYTONS "weren't safe in the United States".

On 8/13/69, the Riverside County Grand Jury returned a true bill charging 19 members of the O.T.O., including all five captioned subjects, with violation Section 273(a), California Penal Code, Child Abuse, a felony.

This case was discussed with Assistant U.S. Attorney DAVID P. CURNOW, Los Angeles, by SA XXX on 8/14/69. He authorized prosecution of all five captioned subjects for violation Title 18, Section 1073, U.S. Code, UFAP - Child Abuse. He recommended $25,000 bond for each subject.

On 8/15/69, complaints were filed by SA XXX before U.S. Commissioner JOHN MORGAN, Riverside, California, and warrants were issued. Fugitive Form Letters submitted.

GEORGINA R. BRAYTON is a white female; born 12/29/21, possibly in England; 5'5", 135 pounds; brown hair dyed red; green eyes; California driver's licence F553407; and Social Security Number XXXX. She allegedly has claimed to be the reincarnation of Sir ALEISTER CROWLEY, who wrote "Book of Lies" published in London in 1913. CROWLEY, since deceased, was an alleged leader of O.T.O.

RICHARD MONTGOMERY BRAYTON is a white male; born 1911 in Ohio; 5'10"; 165 pounds; black hair, graying; brown eyes; Social Security Number XXX, California driver's licence B240125, and Criminal Identification and Investigation (CII) Number XXX. He was arrested for burglary by the Los Angeles Police Department 9/28/68, their number XXX. BRAYTON is alleged to have become addicted to percodan.

ROBERT ALLEN DUERRSTEIN is a white male; born 9/23/39; 6'3"; 160 pounds; brown hair; blue eyes; California driver's license F819421; and with address 1241 West 30th Street, Los Angeles.

EDSON FRANK DUNLAP is a white male; born 10/10/30; 6'2", 180 pounds; brown hair; hazel eyes; address 1241 West 30th Street, Los Angeles; and California driver's license F324970. DUNLAP, a dentist and graduate of University of Southern California (USC) Dental School, is reportedly a high cult member and has worked for XXX has a bank account at the Bank of America, 1255 Sartori Avenue, Torrance.

JAMES HERBERT GIBBONS is a white male; born 8/22/32 in California: 6'1"; 160 pounds; brown hair; Social Security Number XXX and was employed by the Los Angeles County Probation Department. He also has degrees in theology and made application to teach at the Palos Verdes Junior College, Blythe, California.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Office also has felony warrants for charging child abuse in connection with this matter for DENNIS CASTINEREZ, also known as Paul Masters, Steve Quilly, a white male, 25 years of age, 5'7", muscular build, dark hair, and tan complexion. CASTINEREZ allegedly may be avoiding the draft. They also have felony warrants to B. APPORX. Lorna FLYNN, a white female, and GEORGE CHRISTIAN SCOTT, a white male. The Riverside County Sheriff's Office to date has not located these persons. UFAP process is not outstanding for CASTINEREZ, LORNA FLYNN, or GEORGE SCOTT at this time.

The O.T.O. leases and operates the Richfield Service Station at 3401 South Flower, Los Angeles, which is run by cult member XXX. Other cult members work at the station.



"Thus, while States are gravitating toward a Universal Republic, the Super-State becomes an infrangible dictature, which according to its will grinds them down or else thoroughly infects them; that Super State is called JUDEO-MASONRY." (Msgr. Jouin, page 24, The Papacy & Freemasonry, Msgr. Jouin, 1930

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