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Prepared & presented by the Nicholas Owen Society, Purgatory, CO, 2011

  King-Kill 33: Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John

  Preface to King-Kill/  33:  James  Shelby  Downard's  Vision

  This  excerpt  from the essay "King-Kill/33" has been out of
  print since 1987 and the publication of the first edition of
  Adam  Parfrey's  conspiracy anthology, 'Apocalypse Culture.'
  Subsequent editions of 'Apocalypse Culture'  (including  the
  current Feral House edition), do not carry it.

  The     Campaign    for    Radical    Truth    in    History
  (  is  pleased  to   make   this
  excerpt  available  once  again, on the occasion of the 33rd
  anniversary of the immolation  of  America's  only  Catholic
  president,   John  Fitzgerald  Kennedy.  May  his  surviving
  murderers be yet brought to justice.

  Convicted  Mafia  hit-man  Charles  Harrelson,  a  suspected
  Kennedy  assassin,  is  incarcerated in a Federal prison for
  the contract killing of a federal judge. (The suspect is the
  father  of "Natural Born Killer" movie star Woody Harrelson,
  who  was  directed  by  "JFK"   filmmaker   Oliver   Stone).
  Journalists   have   thus   far  shown  little  interest  in
  attempting to interview the senior  Harrelson  and  persuade
  him  to  provide  information which might lead to the arrest
  and conviction of those responsible for Kennedy's killing.

  The late James Shelby Downard's primal  way  of  looking  at
  things,  which  is the way I think ancient man perceived the
  world, encompasses a vision  that  detects  every  link  and
  every symbol, beginning with the significance of names, then
  places and then the obsessive actions which  stem  from  the
  confluence  of  the  two  and which have come to be known as
  ritual. Publisher Adam Parfrey, who first  brought  Shelby's
  work to a mass audience, states:

  "In  Downard's  writings,  the  products of his subconscious
  bubble to the surface and catalyze painstaking research. The
  collision of the poetic against the logical works especially
  well in the field of conspiracy;  it  remains  the  freshest
  approach to a field of inquiry..."

  I  remember  sitting  in  Shelby's  airstream trailer in St.
  Petersburg, Florida in 1977, along with  the  great  Fortean
  philosopher  William  N.  Grimstad  and  Charles Saunders, a
  brilliant recluse who was a close  friend  of  Jack  Kerouac
  toward  the  end of the Beat writer's life (a fact missed by
  every one of Kerouac's numerous  biographers;  so  much  for

  Shelby's  conversation  that  day  ranged  from  the  occult
  significance of  the  Theremin  musical  instrument  to  the
  sorcerous implications of elevators, the relationship he had
  with  an  evanescent  rabbit  named  Petey;   the   sinister
  connotations  of  the  circus and the mystical topography of
  the American Southwest, which Mr. Downard knew the  way  you
  and I know our backyard.

  As   he   fried   our  hamburgers,  he  regaled  us  in  his
  prospector's drawl with the hidden wonders of a tapestry  of
  coincidences  which he wove from the seeming mundane details
  of everyday living, into  a  magic  carpet  of  incomparable
  strangeness and peerless utility.

  Parfrey  spoke  for  many of Shelby's friends and associates
  when he stated: "Downard has  influenced  me  to  look  with
  interest  upon the details and the fantastic convergences of

  For my money, James Shelby  Downard  is  the  one  man  most
  intimately  tied  to  the  once  and future November, on the
  Camelot calendar's 33rd turning of the wheel, in this age of
  the  Revelation  of  the  Method;  the  era of the deluge of
  hidden facts made public, which Downard predicted would  not
  liberate us, but only enslave us further.

  More than two decades ago he foresaw the coming of this time
  as the fulfillment of the final  dictum  of  the  alchemical
  rampage  of  the  elephant Must Be; the behemoth run amok in
  the fields of our nightmares. As the "X-Files" and the other
  fictional TV shows which neither I or Shelby have ever seen,
  purposefully muddy the waters with a  flood  of  pop  drivel
  disguised  as  revelation, the actual truths are lost in the

  James Shelby Downard looked forward to the time beyond  Must
  Be,  to  the  era which will witness the return of could be.
  After  the  coming  cataclysmic  chastisement  has  run  its
  cleansing  course,  we  will once again wish upon a star and
  dream a destiny free of the masonic chain  that  at  present
  binds our nation as tightly as the hangman's rope once bound
  the rotted cadavers on Tyburn Tree.

  Despite having been relentlessly targeted and  attacked  for
  more  than a half century, Mr. Downard, unlike poor Kennedy,
  did trip the Harodim on the winding  stairs  and  did  slide
  down the railing, like a child outwitting enormously big and
  powerful bad guys, by the fortune which Providence  reserves
  for the guileless.

  --Michael A. Hoffman II


  Masonic  Symbolism  in  the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

  By James Shelby Downard with Michael A. Hoffman II

  This excerpt Copyright (c) 1998. All Rights Reserved.

  To purchase  a  ring-bound  copy  of  the  complete  41  pp.
  King-Kill  33  manuscript,  as well as other writings of Mr.
  Downard, visit our secure online store.

  The information I present in  these  pages  on  the  Kennedy
  assassination  is  well-known  to  certain news agencies who
  have chosen to suppress it, just as the motivation  for  the
  assassination has been plunged into cryonic secrecy. Masonic
  betrayal  of  the  "common  man"  involves   archetypes   of
  fertility  and  death symbolism seemingly motivated to bring
  about syncretism in opposing principles in  order  to  green
  Israel,  rebuild  the  Temple of Solomon and establish a One
  World government.

  It is by way of Masonic sorcery that the union  of  opposing
  principles  is  supposed  to be brought about. The criminals
  who stage-managed Dallas in  the  killing  of  Kennedy  have
  controlled  the  American  people's  will  in exchange for a
  sleep without nightmares. I publish this in the wake of  the
  situation   Charles   Seymour   alluded  to:  "The  moralist
  unquestionably secures wide support; but he also wearies his
  audience."  Most  Americans  are  beyond  being  tired;  the
  revelations have benumbed them.

  Most Freemasons apparently have no idea of the evil that  is
  part  of  Masonry,  and  if they do know about it they don't
  believe it. The same holds true  for  most  members  of  the
  "Clandestine    Lodges"   and   Masonic-oriented   fraternal
  organizations as well as Androgynous Masonic Societies.

  It is certain that onomatology, or  the  science  of  names,
  forms  a  very interesting part of the investigations of the
  higher Masonry.... --(Encyclopedia of Freemasonry)

  When the ancients saw  a  scapegoat,  they  could  at  least
  recognize  him  for  what  he  was:  a  pharmakos,  a  human
  sacrifice. When modern man sees one, he does not, or refuses
  to,  recognize  him  for  what  he  IS; instead he looks for
  "scientific" explanations-to explain away the obvious.

  --Thomas Szasz, (Ceremonial Chemistry)

  The "science of names" word wizardry forms only one  segment
  of  the  science  of  symbolism  used  by  Masons.  The  JFK
  assassination encounters this science in a decisive way  and
  contains a veritable nightmare of symbol-complexes having to
  do  with  violence,  perversion,   conspiracy,   death   and
  degradation.  These  elements  are  important  not  only  as
  cause-and-effect in the murder of a  president  but  in  the
  ensuing reaction of the people of America and the world.

  The  fertility  and  death  symbolism in the "Killing of the
  King" rite which is part of Greening Ritualism that  has  to
  do  with  JFK, has been suppressed because examination of it
  must necessarily link it to "Freemasonry" and its mysticism,
  as  well  as to the political influence it exerts. Obviously
  this would do some damage to public confidence in:

  a.   Masonic   progressivism.   i.e.   Iiberty,    equality,

  b. Those who have shielded the conspirators.

  c. The entire mental concept that passes for knowledge about
  the genuine nature of the government of the United States.

  Mystical Toponomy

  Mystical toponomy incorporates word  wizardry  (onomatology)
  and the Masonic science of symbolism. In considering my data
  it would be helpful to  consider  a  dictum  of  Einsteinian
  physics:  "Time  relations  among  events  are assumed to be
  first  constituted  by  the  specific   physical   relations
  obtaining between them."

  My  study  of place names imbued with sorcerous significance
  necessarily includes lines of latitude and longitude and the
  divisions  of  degrees in geography and cartography (minutes
  and seconds).

  Let us take as an example the "Mason  Road"  in  Texas  that
  connects  to  the "Mason No El Bar" and the Texas-New Mexico
  ("The Land of Enchantment") border. This connecting line  is
  on  the  32nd  degree.  The  32nd  degree is the penultimate
  Masonic degree awarded. When this 32nd degree of latitude is
  traced  west  into  the  "Land  of  Enchantment"  it becomes
  situated midway between Deming and Columbus, New Mexico.

  Slightly to the north of the town of Columbus are  the  Tres
  Hermanas  (three  sisters) mountains. It is approximately 32
  miles  between  Deming  and  Columbus.  The  Three   Sisters
  mountains  are  a  minute and some seconds south of the 32nd
  degree line. When this line is traced further west it passes
  the  ghost  town  of  Shakespeare at a distance south of the
  town which is roughly equivalent to the distance  which  the
  32nd   degree   line  passes  north  of  the  Three  Sisters
  mountains. The names "Shakespeare" and "Three Sisters"  find
  a  connection  in the tragedy Macbeth which comprises such a
  large part of JFK assassination imagery.

  When this 32nd degree  line  is  traced  a  little  distance
  farther  west,  into  Arizona, it crosses an old trail which
  meandered north of what is now another ghost town but  which
  at  one  time was called the town of "Ruby." Part of the old
  winding trail became known as the "Ruby Road." The  town  of
  Ruby acquired its name officially on April 11, 1912, and was
  notorious for many brutal murders which had ritual  aspects.
  Four  of these homicides occurred in a store attached to the
  post office which had been  erected  over  the  grave  of  a
  Catholic priest.

  Continuing  on  with  mystical  toponomy, one encounters the
  fact that Ruby road twists north into the area known as  the
  Kennedy and Johnson mountains.

  Johnson  Mountain  is  supposedly  named  after  the general
  manager of the Peabody Mining Company who also  had  a  town
  named  after  him which was the location of the Keystone and
  Peabody copper mines. The 32nd degree of latitude is  but  a
  few  seconds  from  Johnson.  In  this  frontier  town  on a
  December evening, 1883, a Colonel Mike Smith and a man Mason
  were   ambushed   by   gunfighters  described  as  being  of
  questionable reputation and  questionable  character.  These
  terms are employed in Masonic writings:

  He  [Captain William Morgan, victim of an early 19th century
  torture-murder  by  Masons]  was  a  man   of   questionable
  character  and  dissolute  habits, and his enmity to Masonry
  originated  in  his  refusal  of  the   Masons   of   Leroy.
  (Encyclopedia of Freemasonry).

  A  "keystone"  is  the  designation  for  which, when set in
  place, "keys" or locks the whole.  A  symbolic  keystone  is
  vital  to  the  legend  of  the Masonic Royal Arch Degree of
  York. The earliest known record of such a degree is  in  the
  annals  of the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia, on December
  22, 1753. Fredericksburg is also the location of the  "House
  of  the  Rising  Sun,"  a  masonic  meeting  place  for such
  notables as founding fathers George Washington and  Benjamin
  Franklin (of Hell-Fire Club fame) and George Mason.

  The Killing of the King

  Never  allow  anyone the luxury of assuming that because the
  dead    and    deadening    scenery    of    the    American
  city-of-dreadful-night  is  so utterly devoid of mystery, so
  thoroughly flat-footed, sterile and infantile,  so  burdened
  with     the     illusory     gloss     of     "baseball-hot
  dogs-apple-pie-and-Chevrolet" that it is somehow outside the
  psycho-sexual domain.

  The  eternal  pagan  psychodrama  is  escalated  under these
  "modern" conditions precisely because sorcery  is  not  what
  20th  century  man  can accept as real. Thus the "Killing of
  the King" rite of November, 1963 is alternately diagnosed as
  a conflict Needless to say, each of these groups has a place
  in  the  symbolism   having   to   do   with   the   Kennedy

  But  the  ultimate  purpose  of  that  assassination was not
  political or economic but sorcerous: for the control of  the
  dreaming  mind  and  the  marshalling  of  its forces is the
  omnipotent force in this entire scenario  of  lies,  cruelty
  and  degradation.  Something  died in the American people on
  November 22, 1963-call it idealism, innocence or  the  quest
  for  moral  excellence.  It  is  the transformation of human
  beings which is the authentic  reason  and  motive  for  the
  Kennedy  murder and until so-called conspiracy theorists can
  accept this very real element they will  be  reduced  to  so
  many  eccentrics  amusing  a tiny remnant of dilettantes and

  President Kennedy and his wife left the Temple  Houston  and
  were met at midnight by tireless crowds present to cheer the
  virile "Sun God" and his dazzlingly erotic wife, the  "Queen
  of  Love  and  Beauty,"  in  Fort  Worth.  On the morning of
  November 22, they flew to Gate 28  at  Love  Field,  Dallas,
  Texas.  The  number  28  is  one  of  the correspondences of
  Solomon  in  kabbalistic  numerology;  the  Solomonic   name
  assigned to 28 is "Beale."

  On  the 28th degree of latitude in the state of Texas is the
  site of what was once the giant "Kennedy ranch." On the 28th
  degree is also Cape Canaveral from which the moon flight was
  launched-made possible not only by the  President's  various
  feats  but  by  his  death  as  well, for the placing of the
  Freemasons on the moon could occur only after the Killing of
  the  King. The 28th degree of Templarism is the "King of the
  Sun" degree. The President and First  Lady  arrived  in  Air
  Force One, code-named "Angel."

  The  motorcade  proceeded  from  Love Field to Dealey Plaza.
  Dealey Plaza is the site of the  Masonic  temple  in  Dallas
  (now  razed) and there is a marker attesting to this fact in
  the plaza.

  Important "protective" strategy for Dealey Plaza was planned
  by  the  New  Orleans  CIA station whose headquarters were a
  Masonic temple building. Dallas, Texas is located ten  miles
  north of the 33rd degree of latitude. The 33rd degree is the
  highest  in  Freemasonry  and  the  founding  lodge  of  the
  Scottish  Rite  in  America was created in Charleston, South
  Carolina, exactly on the 33rd degree line.

  Dealey Plaza is close to the Trinity River.  At  12:22  p.m.
  the  motorcade  proceeded down Main Street toward the Triple
  Underpass, traveling  first  down  ("Bloody")  Elm  St.  The
  latter  was  the scene of numerous gun fights, stabbings and
  other violence, and it  is  the  location  of  the  Majestic
  Theatre,   the  pawn  shop/negro  district,  and  industrial

  It was also the home of the Blue  Front  Tavern,  a  Masonic
  hangout  in  the  grand  tradition  of "tavern-Masonry": Sam
  Adams and the Masons of the American Revolution did much  of
  their  conspiring  at the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston. One
  of the many bars claiming  the  honor  of  being  the  first
  Masonic lodge is the Bunch of Grapes Tavern, also in Boston.

  The  Blue  Front  was the site of the "broken-man" ritual in
  which various members of  the  "Brotherhood  of  the  Broom"
  swept  the  floor  and tended some fierce javelino pigs. The
  Blue Front was once a fire-house and was still sporting  its
  fire-pole  in  the  late  1920s.  This  is extremely germane
  symbolism.  The  national  offices   of   the   Texaco   Oil
  Corporation  are  located  on  Elm  St.,  Dallas.  Its chief
  products are "Haviland  (javalino)  Oil"  and  "Fire  Chief"

  On  the  corner  of  Bloody  Elm  and Houston is the "Sexton
  Building."  "Sexton"  is  heavily   laden   with   graveyard
  connotations. It is closely associated to the beetles of the
  genus Necrophorus or Sexton Beetles, so-called because  they
  bury the remains of tiny animals with their eggs.

  Bloody  Elm,  Main,  and  Commerce form a trident pattern in
  alignment with the triple underpass as any Dallas  map  will
  show.  Many  analysts  contend that at least three assassins
  were involved in the crossfire ambush of Kennedy.

  It is a prime tenet of Masonry that its  assassins  come  in
  threes. Masonic assassins are known in the code of the lodge
  as the "unworthy craftsmen."  Because  Masonry  is  obsessed
  with  earth-as-gameboard  (tessellation)  and  the ancillary
  alignments  necessary  to  facilitate  the  "game,"  it   is
  inordinately concerned with railroads and railroad personnel
  to the extent that outside of lawyers and circus performers,
  no  other  vocation  has  a higher percentage of Masons than
  railroad workers.

  Minutes after John Fitzgerald  Kennedy  was  murdered  three
  "hoboes"   ("unworthy   craftsmen")  were  arrested  at  the
  railyard behind Dealey Plaza.

  No records of their identities have ever been  revealed  nor
  the "identity" of the arresting officer. All that remains of
  those few minutes are a series  of  photographs  which  have
  reached  legendary  proportions among persons concerned with
  uncovering  the  real  forces   and   persons   behind   the

  Dealey  Plaza breaks down symbolically in this manner: "Dea"
  means "goddess" in Latin and "Ley" can pertain to the law or
  rule  in  the  Spanish, or lines of preternatural geographic
  significance in the pre-Christian nature  religions  of  the

  For  many  years  Dealey  Plaza  was underwater at different
  seasons, having been flooded by the Trinity River until  the
  introduction    of   a   flood-control   system.   To   this
  trident-Neptune site came the "Queen of Love and Beauty" and
  her  spouse,  the scapegoat in the Killing of the King rite,
  the "Ceannaideach" (Gaelic word for  Kennedy  meaning  "ugly
  head" or "wounded head").

  The  systematic  arrangement  and pattern of symbolic things
  having to do with the killing of Kennedy indicates  that  he
  was  a scapegoat in a sacrifice. The purpose of such macabre
  ritualism is further recognizable in patterns  of  symbolism
  culminating  in  the  final  "making  manifest  all  that is


  Oswald means "divine strength." The diminutive form  of  the
  word  is  "os"  or  "Oz":  denoting strength. The role which
  "Divine  Strength"  played  in  the  Dealey  "Goddess  Rule"
  Killing   of   the  King  ritual  should  be  given  careful

  One should also  note  the  significance  of  (Jack)  Ruby's
  killing  (destroying)  of "Ozwald" in reference to the "Ruby
  Slippers" of The Wizard of Oz which  one  may  deride  as  a
  fairy  tale  but  which  nevertheless symbolizes the immense
  power of "ruby light," otherwise known as the laser.

  Oswald may have undergone biotelemetry implantation  in  the
  Soviet  Union  while  a  "volunteer"  at  a Behavior Control
  Center at Minsk. Oswald roomed with Cubans and was allegedly
  friendly  with a Castro-man identified only as being "burly"
  and a "key man." "Burly"  can  mean  burlecue,  burlicue  or
  burlesque.  The  "key,"  of  course,  is  one  of  the  most
  important symbols in Masonry and the symbol of silence.

  If Oswald was the result of some Soviet Frankenstein process
  why  did  he  have to travel several thousand miles for such
  treatment when it is a routine operation in America?

  While such activities of the Mill-of-Dread are pro forma  at
  a  variety  of institutions at the present, there was once a
  time when it was deemed necessary to do such work at  Walter
  Reed Hospital.

  These  implants  were  back  alley  operations  in which the
  victims were overpowered in some place or other, drugged and
  then dragged to this government hospital. They were operated
  on, continued on  a  heavy  drug  regimen  and  varied  from
  somnolent  to  comatose for a number of days. The electrical
  function of the victim was recorded and  monitored  and  the
  biotelemetry  plant  tested.  Subsequently  the victims were
  "brainwashed" and returned to the place where they had  been
  seized.  The targets then continued their existence, unaware
  of how their bodies had  been  invaded  and  their  autonomy

  Occasionally,  victims  were returned to Walter Reed because
  of abscesses at the incision or for the replacement  of  the
  obsolete  device  with an updated one. Biotelemetry implants
  were made in various parts of  the  body  depending  on  the
  desired effect and function.

  Like  the  disgraceful treatment of the autopsy of President
  Kennedy, Oswald's is similarly weird. Oswald  was  literally
  butchered  in  the  "postmortem  examination."  Pieces  were
  actually cut out of his body.  The  major  incision  in  his
  torso  resembled  a  huge "Y" which ran from the area of his
  groin to the solar plexus region. From there incisions  were
  made to the right and left armpits. The so-called "two horns
  of the letter Y" supposedly symbolize the  paths  of  virtue
  and  vice:  the  right  branch leading to the former and the
  left to the latter. The letter is sometimes referred  to  as
  the  "Litera Pythagorae" (The Letter of Pythagoras): "Litera
  Pythagorae, discrimine secta bicorni, Humanae vitae  speciem
  praeferre  videtur"  (The Letter of Pythagoras parted by its
  two branched division appears to exhibit the image of  human

  In  the  47th  Problem  of  Euclid  lies a secret of the 3rd
  Degree of Masonry. Pythagoras is called by  Freemasons  "our
  ancient   friend  and  brother."  One  of  Pythagoras'  main
  doctrines was the system of "Metempsychosis" which  pertains
  to  the  passing of a human soul into the body of an animal.
  Perhaps this was the intention of the autopsy-by incising in
  Oswald's  body  the  "Letter  of  Pythagoras" they sought to
  expedite transmigration, and they may even have gone as  far
  as  feeding  sections  of  Oswald's  corpse  to the intended
  animal, for this too is a practice of what used to be widely
  feared as necromancy.

  Arlington Necrology

  The Kennedy and Oswald burials were both at "Arlington": JFK
  at the National Cemetery near Washington, D.C.,  and  Oswald
  at Rosehill Cemetery near Arlington, Texas. "Arlington" is a
  word of significance in Masonic sorcery and mysticism and it
  has a hidden meaning which ties in with necrolatry.

  At  the Kennedy gravesite there is a stone circle and in its
  middle a fire that is called an "eternal flame." The fire in
  the  middle  of the circle represents a point in the circle,
  the same type of symbolism that is recognizable in Kennedy's
  bier  and  cof fin being in the center of the rotunda in the
  Capitol. A point in a circle symbolized the sun  in  ancient
  sun  worship.  It  was  also a symbol of fecundity, with the
  point symbolizing a phallus and the circle a vagina.

  At the Oswald gravesite stands a small tree. There exists an
  old  belief  that  a  tree  which  grows at or on a grave is
  embodied with the spirit-force of the person buried at  that
  site,  and  that a twig or branch taken from such a tree has
  magical powers.

  I suggest that Lee  Harvey  Oswald's  mother  should  gently
  remove  a  twig from the tree at her son's grave and then at
  every  opportunity  touch  FBI   agents,   CIA   operatives,
  policemen,  etc.,  with  that  same  twig.  Such a procedure
  couldn't help  but  be  more  efficacious  in  bringing  the
  murderers of JFK to justice than the Warren Commission was.

  Funerary Rites

  John  F. (Honey Fitz) Fitzgerald, the grandfather of John F.
  Kennedy, was elected mayor of Boston thanks in part  to  his
  "Wake  House"  campaigns  which  were  much  imitated. These
  consisted of a daily  surveillance  of  the  newspapers  for
  announcements of deaths after which a discreet "sympathizer"
  would be dispatched and a good  deal  of  political  mileage
  accumulated in the bargain.

  For a time the Fitzgeralds lived near the former site of the
  Green Dragon Tavern, established around 1680 and  demolished
  for  the  widening  of a street in 1820. The Fitzgerald home
  was on Hanover Street and the Green  Dragon  Tavern  was  on
  Green Dragon Lane (now Union Street). The tavern boasted the
  "first lodge room of Freemasonry in America," the St. Andrew
  Lodge located within the tavern proper.

  In the mysticism of the Chinese tongs, the Green Dragon is a
  death symbol. A symbol of the dragon is worn on  a  ring  or
  held  in  the  hand  of a "hatchet man." The Green Dragon is
  supposed to impart the notion of a "license to kill" for  it
  signifies that the murder is an affair of "honor": the Green
  Dragon is the guardian of the  god-with-a-thousand-eyes  who
  protects the sanctity of the third heaven.

  Much  of  Boston's  Irish  population arrived in American in
  what were nicknamed  the  "coffin  ships."  Members  of  the
  Kennedy family were acquainted with the "Coffin" family. The
  Reverend William Sloane Coffin was the son of the theologian
  Henry  Sloane Coffin; the younger Coffin was a member of the
  Peace Corps Advisory Council that  Sargent  Shriver  headed.
  "Shriver"  or  "Shrive"  has  the  meaning of one who grants
  absolution to a penitent, and it was customary to call  upon
  a  shriver before death. If the shriver was not available, a
  "sin eater" was  summoned.  The  old  pious  cry  which  was
  connected  with  the request for a shriving was "Shrive me O
  Holy Land and Give Me Peace."  To  this  the  shriver  would
  respond "Pax Vobiscum":

  ...the spell lies in two words, Pax Vobiscum will answer all
  queries. If you go or come, eat or drink, bless or ban,  Pax
  Vobiscum  carries  you  through it all. It is as useful to a
  friar as a broomstick to a witch or a wand  to  a  conjurer.
  Speak it but thus, in a deep grave tone, Pax Vobiscum! It is
  irresistible-watch and ward, Knight  and  squire,  foot  and
  horse,  it  acts  as a charm upon them all. I think, if they
  bring me out to be hanged tomorrow, as is much to be doubted
  they  may,  I  will try its weights upon the finisher of the
  sentence. ("Wamba, son of Witless")

  Sargent Shriver, a Catholic and Kennedy by marriage, as head
  of  the  Peace Corps and in association with a Coffin, might
  be considered to be in a sensitive position in  relation  to
  mystical onomatology.

  In  the  ancient  mysteries  the  aspirant could not claim a
  participation in the  highest  secrets  until  he  had  been
  placed  in  the Pastos, bed or coffin. The placing of him in
  the coffin was called the symbolical death of the mysteries,
  and  his  deliverance was termed a rising from the dead; the
  "mind," says  an  ancient  writer  quoted  by  Stobaeus,  is
  afflicted  in  death  just as it is in the initiation in the
  mysteries. And word answers to word, as  well  as  thing  to
  thing;  for  burial is to die and death to be initiated. The
  coffin in Masonry is found on  the  tracing  boards  of  the
  early part of the last century, and has always constituted a
  part of  the  symbolism  of  the  Third  Degree,  where  the
  reference  is precisely to the same as that of the Pastos in
  the  ancient  mysteries.  [My  emphasis.]  (Encyclopedia  of

  President  Kennedy  sat at the head of a coffin table at the
  White House. To his back, over a fireplace, hung a  portrait
  of  Abraham  Lincoln,  an  assassinated president. On either
  side of the picture were urns that resembled the type called
  "cinerary  urns" which are vessels in which the ashes of the
  dead are kept.

  A book about JFK was called Three Steps to the White  House.
  In  Masonry  are  what  is  known  as  the "three symbolical
  steps." "The three grand steps symbolically lead  from  this
  life  to  the  source  of  all  knowledge." (Encyclopedia of

  It must be evident to every  Master  Mason  without  further
  explanation,  that  the  three  steps  are  taken  from  the
  darkness to a place of light, either figuratively or  really
  over  a  coffin,  the symbol of death, to teach symbolically
  that the passage from darkness and ignorance  of  this  life
  through  death  to  the light and knowledge of eternal life.
  And this from earliest times was the true symbolism  of  the
  step. (Ibid.)

  The  body  of President Kennedy was placed in a coffin which
  was positioned in the center of a circle under  the  Capitol
  dome.  The  catafalque  was  "a  temporary structure of wood
  appropriately   decorated   with   funeral    symbols    and
  representing  a  tomb  or  cenotaph.  It forms a part of the
  decorations of a 'Sorrow Lodge.' " This Masonic Encyclopedia
  entry refers to the ceremonies of the Third Degree in Lodges
  of the French Rite.

  Pictures taken of the Kennedy  coffin  and  catafalque  show
  these two props of the funerary rite as a point in a circle.
  Fecundity is the symbolic signification of the Point  within
  a circle and is a derivation of ancient sun worship.

  In  the  lore  of  mystery cults and fertility religions was
  invariably the legend of the death of the hero god  and  the
  disappearance  of  his  body.  In  the subsequent search and
  supposed finding of the body we see the  contrivance  of  an
  elaborate psychological ruse. The body was said to have been
  concealed by the killer or killers  of  the  hero  god.  The
  concealment  of the body was called "aphanism" and is a rite
  of  the   Masonic   3rd   Degree.   Anyone   interested   in
  comprehending  the  mechanics of group mind control would do
  well to study the 3rd and 9th degrees in particular, and all
  the  grades  of Masonry in general. The disappearance of the
  body, this aphanism, is to be found in the assassination  of
  President Kennedy:

  The  President's  brain  was  removed  and  his  body buried
  without it ... Dr. Cyril Wecht, chief  medical  examiner  of
  Allegheny   County,  Pennsylvania,  past  president  of  the
  American Academy of Forensic Scientists, and a professor  of
  pathology  and  law,  received  permission  from the Kennedy
  family in  1972  to  view  the  autopsy  materials  (at  the
  National  Archives)  ...  When he routinely asked to see the
  brain, Wecht  was  told  it  was  missing,  along  with  the
  microscopic  slides of the brain. Marion Johnson, curator of
  the Warren Commission's material at the Archives said,  "The
  brain's  not  here. We don't know what happened to it." (Los
  Angeles Free Press, Special Report No. I, pg. 16)

  If and when the brain is recovered, the entire process  will
  have been completed under the term "euresis." In the Masonic
  Mysteries are "symbolical ladders." On the  Masonic  tracing
  board  of  1776  there  is  a  ladder  with  three  steps, a
  significant revision of the usual ladder in such  references
  (seven steps).

  There  are  of  course all sorts of ladders: the Brahmanical
  Ladder (seven  steps),  the  Kadosh  Ladder  (seven  steps),
  Rosicrucian  Ladder  (seven  steps), Jacob's Ladder (various
  numbers attributed), the  Kabbalistic  Ladder  (ten  steps);
  then  there is old "Tim Finnegan's Ladder" which is known to
  some as the "Ladder of  Misfortune,"  and  it  is  seemingly
  comprised of one false step after another.

  Tim  Finnegan  was  an  Irish  hod  carrier who fell off his
  ladder while  drunk.  Since  he  was  apparently  dead,  his
  friends  held  a  "Death Watch" (black watch or wake) at his
  coffin. This watch lived up to the traditional  "liveliness"
  of  these  affairs  and  Mr. Finnegan was splashed with some
  vintage  Irish  whiskey  (Fitzgerald's?)  and   resurrected.
  "Finnegan's Wake"...

  After  the Kennedy coffin was removed from the center of the
  Capitol rotunda circle, it was taken, with pageantry, to the
  street   for   viewing.   The  funeral  procession  made  an
  "unplanned stop" on Pennsylvania  Avenue  in  front  of  the
  "Occidental  Restaurant" and a picture was taken of the flag
  draped Kennedy coffin with the  word  "Occidental"  featured
  prominently  over  it.  In  Masonry  and  in the lore of the
  Egyptian jackal-god Anubis, a dead person is  said  to  have
  "gone west."

  Several months after the Kennedy funeral, "Occidental Life,"
  an insurance branch of the Transamerica Corporation, ran  an
  advertisement  for  group life insurance which it proclaimed
  to be "new" but contained a turn that was  indeed  original:
  the  inferential  weird claim was made that "Until now there
  was only  one  way  to  cash  in  on  Group  Insurance"  (my
  emphasis); apparently some rather profound changes were made
  in the manner of things-as-they-are after  the  "Killing  of
  the King" had become a fait accompli.

  The  spontaneous  stop  was made because of the horse Sardar
  ("chief"), a gelding ("Castro"),  which  was  wearing  boots
  pointing  around  to  the rear in the Kennedy funerary rite.
  Horses figure prominently not only in the pleasure of  kings
  but  in  their murders as well. James Earl Ray was convicted
  partly on the evidence of a  "white  Mustang"  (automobile),
  Sirhan  Sirhan  claimed  to  his psychiatrists, trance-like,
  that he shot Robert Kennedy "for a mustang, mustang, mustang

  John   F.   Kennedy   had  demonstrated  affection  for  the
  performance of a lady who  was  a  renowned  ostrich-feather
  fan-manipulator (Norma Jean Baker a.k.a. Marilyn Monroe). In
  Egypt, lamenting girls with ostrich feather-fans sang a song
  of  entreaty  of  the  type that Nephthys and Isis reputedly
  sang as a dirge,  before  the  partial  resurrection  and/or
  erection  of Osiris. The sad dirge or lamentation has become
  known as a "Maneros" consisting  primarily  of  the  singers
  entreating the dead to return, by singing "come to my house"
  and then offering inducements of some type or other.

  It is a damn pity that the ritualists  didn't  have  Marilyn
  Monroe  and  Rosemary  Clooney  sing  a  Maneros  at the JFK
  funeral, for Rosemary Clooney just couldn't believe that JFK
  was  dead at the time, and Marilyn Monroe was killed because
  of JFK. In Ancient Egypt the entreaty to  the  dead  of  the
  type  said  to  be performed by Isis and Nepthys was usually
  performed with a hawk-fertility-goddess statue present along
  with other funerary symbolism.

  Jacqueline  Kennedy  was  considered  "fashionable, erudite,
  erotic and stunningly gorgeous."  Mrs.  Kennedy  visited  an
  exhibition of Egyptian funerary rite symbols at the National
  Gallery of Art where she was photographed with  a  depiction
  of  the  "hawk-headed  divinity  that  was  said to be named
  Hor-khenty-khem." Recently there was a  traveling  nightmare
  of  funerary  symbolism touring the country (the Tutankhamen
  exhibit of the National Endowment of the Humanities).

  Before JFK began his Jornada del Muerto (Journey of  Death),
  he  was  photographed  with Yugoslavian dictator Tito on the
  winding stairs in the White House.  Tito  is  a  significant
  name  in  Masonry  since  it  was  the title given to Prince
  Harodim, the first Judge and Provost said to be appointed by
  King  Solomon.  The  Tito was a reputed favorite of Solomon,
  whose temple was a hotbed of thievery, money-changing,  male
  and  female  prostitution  and  sorcery.  This  ancient Tito
  presided over the Lodge of Intendants of this temple and was
  one of the "twelve knights of the twelve tribes of Israel."

  Let  me  repeat,  JFK  was on some winding stairs with a man
  named Tito. Winding stairs  are  symbolically  important  in

  The  degree  of the winding stair is taught in the degree of
  Fellow Craft. This is the Second Degree,  and  a  person  at
  this  grade  is  of  course  a  candidate  for  the symbolic
  assassination, euresis, autopsy and coffin  resurrection  of
  the Third Degree.

  The  number of steps in the winding stair are "odd" although
  no less so than the fact that this Tito or Harodim is a name
  translating  as  "those who rule over" the activities of the
  temple Solomon.

  The winding stairs of this temple, according to the  Masons,
  begins  at  the  porch  and winds to a level purified by the
  Divine Presence  (Shekinah)  and  dominated  by  the  Divine
  Strength (Oswald).

  President  Kennedy  preceded  Tito  down  the  stairs  to  a
  portrait of the assassinated President Garfield where he was
  photographed,  and  another  picture was taken on the stairs
  before a picture of Lincoln (recall the black walnut  rocker
  of  JFK,  comparable  to the black walnut rocker Lincoln was
  assassinated in;  the  "Lincoln  Continental"  limousine  in
  which  Kennedy  was  shot  and the dozens of other parallels
  between  the  two  men).  It's  unfortunate  that  President
  Kennedy didn't trip Tito and then slide down the stair-rail,
  for he was in a  very  vulnerable  position  as  related  to
  Masonic  sorcery,  and  such  unorthodox  action  might have
  rattled the "Prince of Harodim."

  John F. Kennedy, the one and only Catholic president of  the
  United   States,  was  a  human  scapegoat,  a  "pharmakos."
  "Pharmakos" or  "Pharmak-vos"  can  mean  "enchantment  with
  drugs  and  sorcery"  or "beaten, crippled or immolated." In
  alchemy, the  Killing  of  the  King  was  symbolized  by  a
  crucified snake on a tau cross, a variant of the crucifixion
  of Jesus.

  Jesus Christ was tortured and murdered as the result of  the
  intrigue  of  the men of the Temple of Solomon who hated and
  feared Him. They were steeped in  Egyptian,  Babylonian  and
  Phoenician mysticism.

  Masonry  does not believe in murdering a man in just any old
  way and in the  JFK  assassination  it  went  to  incredible
  lengths  and  took great risks in order to make this heinous
  act of theirs correspond to the ancient  fertility  oblation
  of the Killing of the King.

  I  have stated that the three hoboes arrested at the time of
  the assassination  in  Dallas  are  at  least  as  important
  symbolically  as  operationally  and  that they comprise the
  "Three Unworthy Craftsmen" of Masonry. This symbolism is  at
  once a telling psychological blow against the victim and his
  comrades, a sign  of  frustrated  inquiry--  the  supposedly
  senseless  nature  of any quest into the authentic nature of
  the murderers--and a mirror or  doppelganger  of  the  three
  assassins who execute the actual murder.

  As for the three assassins themselves:

  Perry  Raymond Russo told a New Orleans grand jury that [CIA
  agent David] Ferrie said  [regarding  the  assassination  of
  JFK]  that "there would have to be a minimum of three people
  involved. Two of the persons would shoot diversionary  shots
  and  the third ... shot the good shot." Ferrie said that one
  of the three would have to be the "scapegoat." He also  said
  that  Ferrie  discoursed on the availability of exit, saying
  that the sacrificed man would give the  other  two  time  to
  escape. (Quoted by W.H. Bowart in Operation Mind Control).

  The Warren Commission

  Gentlemen, don't pass me by!

  Don't miss your opportunity!

  Inspect  my  wares with careful eye; I have a great variety.
  And yet there is nothing on my stall.

  (Witch in Goethe's Faust I, Walpurgis Night)

  These are the thoughts of a huckster-witch  which  one  need
  not  search  for  dressed  all  in  black  with conical cap;
  instead, look among the gray  flannel  suits  in  the  board
  rooms  and  offices  of  the  newspapers,  electronic media,
  government and advertising agencies-that is, those  who  are
  not  busy  working for the CIA or Naval Intelligence selling
  the public lies.

  Mason  Lyndon  Johnson  appointed  Mason  Earl   Warren   to
  investigate  the death of Catholic Kennedy. Mason and member
  of the 33rd degree, Gerald  R.  Ford,  was  instrumental  in
  suppressing  what little evidence of a conspiratorial nature
  reached   the   commission.   Responsible   for    supplying
  information  to  the  commission was Mason and member of the
  33rd degree, J. Edgar Hoover. Former CIA director and  Mason
  Allen  Dulles  was responsible for most of his agency's data
  supplied to the panel.

  Is it paranoid to be suspicious of the findings of the panel
  on these grounds? Would it be paranoid to suspect a panel of
  Nazis appointed to investigate the death  of  a  Jew  or  to
  suspect  a  commission  of Klansmen appointed to investigate
  the death of a negro?

  Representative  Hale  Boggs,  the  only  Catholic   on   the
  commission,  at  first  agreed with its findings and when he
  later began to seriously question them he was "accidentally"
  killed in a plane crash.

  HOODWINK. (Definition.) A symbol of the secrecy, silence and
  darkness in  which  the  mysteries  of  our  art  should  be
  preserved  from  the  unhallowed  gaze  of the profane."-Dr.
  Albert Mackey, Mason, member of the  33rd  degree,  foremost
  Masonic  historian of the nineteenth century, writing in the
  Encyclopedia of Freemasonry.

  That  is  how  they  see  us,  as  "profane,"  as   "cowans"
  (outsiders),  unclean  and  too perverted to look upon their
  hallowed  truths.  Yes,  murder,  sexual  atrocities,   mind
  control,  attacks  against  the people of the United States,
  all of these things are so elevated, so lofty and holy as to
  be beyond the view of mere humans.


  On  December  20, 1947, Jacob Rubinstein changed his name to
  Jack L. Ruby by decree of the 68th Judicial Court of Dallas,
  Texas.  The  etymology  of  the term "Ruby": (French) rubis;
  (Spanish) rubi; (Latin) rubinus, carbuncle.

  ln old law books it was once the practice to print  some  of
  the  titles  of  the  statutes  in red and these were termed
  rubrics or  a  ruby  and  hence  any  fixed,  formulated  or
  authoritative injunction of duty was apt to be designated as
  being a rubric or ruby.

  As a rubinus  or  carbuncle  Ruby  is  associated  with  the
  "Breastplate  of  Judgment"  used by the Chosen Mispet (High
  Priests)  of  Jewish  sorcery,  enabling  them  to   receive
  "divine"  answers  regarding  the  welfare  of Judaism; some
  interpretations claim that  the  "Breastplate  of  Judgment"
  manifested  the  immediate  presence of Jehovah and was also
  worn by Masons in Royal Arch chapters.

  This "breastplate  [which]  contained  twelve  stones"  each
  symbolized one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The carbuncle
  or ruby was connected to the tribe of Judah (Nohpech).

  The term  "Jack  Ruby"  was  once  used  by  pawnbrokers  to
  indicated a fake ruby.

  In   iconography  a  ruby  or  carbuncle  symbolizes  blood,
  suffering and death.

  Truth or Consequences

  District Attorney  for  New  Orleans,  James  Garrison,  was
  supported  by  a "Truth or Consequences" Club and is alleged
  to have been an ex-FBI  agent  and  to  have  been  mentally
  disturbed  at  one time. Jim Garrison was an outsider in the
  Secret Society machinations of the FBI  and  may  very  well
  have  been  pharmacologically or hypnotically induced to set
  up his ill-fated investigation and the position he  acquired
  in the "Truth or Consequences Commission."

  Truth  or Consequences, New Mexico, is a town located on the
  33rd degree of parallel latitude, and near the same latitude
  John  Fitzgerald  Kennedy became an oblation and on the same
  latitude is the chief Temple on this planet in the minds  of
  sorcerers,  namely the Temple of Solomon at Jerusalem, which
  was once located there and is sworn to be  rebuilt  on  this
  33rd degree.

  In  a  literal, alchemical sense, the Making Manifest of All
  That is Hidden is the accomplishment of the 3rd Law  of  the
  Alchemists  and  is,  as  yet,  unfulfilled  or at least not
  completed;  the  other  two  have  been:  the  creation  and
  destruction of primordial mater (the detonation of the first
  Atomic Bomb at the Trinity Site, at White Sands, New Mexico,
  on the 33rd degree of parallel), the Killing of the King (at
  the Trinity Site, at Dealey Plaza,  Dallas,  near  the  33rd
  degree of latitude).

  Only  the repetition of information presented in conjunction
  with knowledge of this mechanism of Making Manifest  of  All
  That  is Hidden provides the sort of boldness and will which
  can demonstrate that we are aware of all  the  enemies,  all
  the  opponents,  all the tricks and gadgetry, and yet we are
  still not dissuaded, that we work for the truth for the sake
  of  the  truth.  Let the rest take upon themselves and their
  children the consequences of their actions.

  --James Shelby Downard with Michael A. Hoffman II

  Copyrightę1998. All Rights Reserved

  Published  electronically  in  conjunction  with  the   33rd
  anniversary  of  the  JFK  assassination by the Campaign for
  Radical Truth in History,

  P.O. Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816

  Recommended resources:

  Essay: "Dark Side of a  Bad  Moon:  The  Ritual  Aspects  of
  Criminal  Politics" by Michael A. Hoffman II, in Revisionist
  History no. 12 (Jan. 2000)

  Book: Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by  Michael
  A. Hoffman II

  The  complete  manuscript:  King-Kill  33  by  James  Shelby
  Downard and Michael A. Hoffman II

  Manuscript: Skullduggery by James Shelby Downard




"Thus, while States are gravitating toward a Universal Republic, the Super-State becomes an infrangible dictature, which according to its will grinds them down or else thoroughly infects them; that Super State is called JUDEO-MASONRY." (Msgr. Jouin, page 24, The Papacy & Freemasonry, Msgr. Jouin, 1930

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