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Prepared & presented by the Nicholas Owen Society, Purgatory, CO, 2011

  The Beastliness of 9/11

  The Beastliness  of 9/11

  One day while flipping between news channels, trying to find
  anything of significance besides the  daily  suicide-bombing
  in  the  midst  of the "super secure" Israel, I noticed that
  the  media have apparently  adopted  "9/11"  as  a  standard
  designation for the corresponding terrorist attacks. In some
  cases, it was quite prominent, as if they were hinting  that
  there's  something  significant about this designation. Then
  it hit me - both 9 and 11 are sacred  numbers  within  black

  In an earlier essay on the 9/11 attack, I devised a somewhat
  convoluted formula which equated "September  11"  with  666,
  the  number  of  the  anti-Christ,  a.k.a.  the Beast, or in
  Hebrew, Sorath. (Each  Hebrew  letter  has  a  corresponding
  numerical  value,  and  when  this  name is converted to its
  numerical equivalent, the result is 666.) I  still  consider
  that  to  be  a  valid  interpretation,  for  reasons  which
  hopefully will be made clear in the following essay.

  Why the term "Anti-Christ?"  Lucifer  and  Ahriman  are  not
  purely  evil; each has also conferred benefits upon mankind.
  Christ seeks to lead man to incorporate their  good  aspects
  while rejecting the others.

  According  to The Advent of Ahriman [1], it appears that the
  Anti-Christ,  a.k.a.  Sorath  (Hebrew  for  "Beast")  is   a
  higher-level  being  alternately  referred to as the Dragon,
  although the author indicates that  Steiner  did  not  state
  this  explicitly.  He furthermore surmises that Sorath works
  to combine the influences of Lucifer  and  Ahriman  so  that
  mankind  incorporates  as much evil as possible, which would
  explain why he is known as the Anti-Christ.

  Steiner predicted that Sorath would make  an  appearance  in
  1933, the same year Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. The
  End of the Millennium by Richard Seddon states that men  who
  are  possessed  by  Sorath  have "outwardly intensely strong
  natures, with raving tongues [and] destructive fury in their
  emotions."  [p  26]  This  is  a  good description of Hitler
  making one of his infamous speeches which held his followers
  spellbound. Various occultists, including Steiner, have also
  connected 1998 with a resurgence of the  influence  of  both
  Sorath and Ahriman. For details, see The Advent of Ahriman.

  The Black  Magic Connection

  But most significantly for the purposes of this essay is the
  connection between Sorath and black magic. The  End  of  the
  Millennium  also  states  that  "In  the  mystery of 666, or
  Sorath [Hebrew for Beast], is hidden  the  secret  of  black
  magic."  [p  26]  Aleister Crowley, a black magician of some
  notoriety, called himself the Great Beast.

  In his introduction to Evil, Michael Kalisch states that "in
  the  fifth  and final section of this book, the 'blossom' of
  evil in which  the  threefold  adversarial  influences  will
  unite  is  described  as  the  'Beast with Two Horns,' whose
  occult  number  is  '666.'  The  effect  of  this  being  is
  hardening egotism; not of loving the world, but of squeezing
  it to the very last drop  to  gain  as  much  advantage  and
  enjoyment  from  it  as  possible.  THAT IS ALSO THE PATH OF
  DOWN." [p 12] [emphasis added]

  The Ultimate  Bait and Switch

  To the best of my knowledge, there appears to be a fine line
  between practicing  black  magic  and  becoming  demonically
  possessed.  I  gather  that  dabbling in black magic without
  sufficient knowledge and  discipline  is  an  invitation  to
  possession,  and that many people, such as evidently Hitler,
  are deliberately led into becoming possessed in the guise of
  being initiated into black magic.

  The  following  excerpt  from  a  lecture  by Rudolf Steiner
  confirms that the practices I have considered to be strictly
  intended  to  induce demonic possession are also integral to
  black magic:

  [T]he first sentence on the tables of black magic  is:  Life
  must  be  conquered. For the same reason, in certain schools
  of black magic the followers are  taught  the  horrible  and
  diabolical  practice  of gashing living animals with a knife
  at the precise part of the body WHICH WILL GENERATE THIS  OR
  THAT FORCE IN THE WIELDER OF THE KNIFE. [2] [emphasis added]

  "Force" and  Demons

  The following passage from a lecture by Rudolf Steiner seems
  to hint of a connection between the  aforementioned  "force"
  and demonic beings, which upon possessing a human, stimulate
  hatred and impel him to commit criminal acts:

  If the life of soul is studied  from  this  point  of  view,
  great illumination will be shed upon it. Waking life arouses
  in us sympathy with the surrounding world.  Our  antipathies
  really come from more unconscious realms. They press upwards
  from the sleeping will. It is as though our  sympathies  lie
  more  on  the  surface,  whereas antipathies rise up through
  them from unplumbed depths. Antipathies  repel;  antipathies
  draw   us  away  from  the  surrounding  world;  we  isolate
  ourselves, shut ourselves within  our  own  being.  Inwardly
  up-streaming   antipathies  are  the  antecedents  of  human
  egotism. The greater a man's egotism, the more  strongly  is
  the element of antipathy working in him. He wants to isolate
  himself, to feel enclosed within his own being. ...  We  are
  gazing  here into deep secrets of human experience. If a man
  unfolds the element of antipathy in his life of  feeling  so
  strongly that it plays into his waking life, his whole being
  is permeated with antipathy which  then  lays  hold  of  his
  astral  body;  his  astral body is steeped in the element of
  antipathy; antipathy streams out from him like  an  abnormal
  aura. It may then happen that he begins to feel antipathy to
  people to whom his attitude was otherwise neutral, or indeed
  even  to those he loved or knew intimately. These conditions
  can give rise to persecution mania in all  its  forms.  When
  feelings   of   antipathy  not  to  be  explained  by  outer
  circumstances  are  experienced,  this   is   due   to   the
  overflowing  antipathies  in the soul, that is to say, to an
  abnormal intensification of the one pole in the life of soul
  which forces its way upwards out of sleep. IF THIS ANTIPATHY
  PROPORTIONS. [See my essay Apocalypse-Monger  McCain  Spills
  the Beans.] The aim of all education and all social endeavor
  should  be   to   prevent   human   beings   from   becoming
  world-haters.  ...  What  lives in this [sleeping] will lies
  and rightly so for the ordinary consciousness ON YONDER SIDE
  OF  THE THRESHOLD [which is where demons lurk]. HE WHO COMES
  BEING  CAN  BE  LED TO UTTERMOST EVIL. The deepest secret of
  human life is that we have the counterbalance of our organic
  activity in the very forces which, WERE THEY TO GAIN CONTROL
  CRIMINAL.  [By  "counterbalance  of  our  organic activity,"
  Steiner is referring to the  maintenance  performed  on  our
  bodies as we sleep.]

  Let  it be remembered that nothing in the world is in itself
  [inherently] evil or good. What is radically  evil  when  it
  breaks  into  our  conscious life, is the counterbalance for
  our spent life-forces when it  takes  effect  in  its  right
  place,  namely  as  the regulator of organic activity during
  the sleeping state. [To clarify - the force which  regulates
  our  organic  activity  as  we sleep, which is necessary and
  good in its proper sphere, BECOMES "radically evil" when  it
  gains  entrance  to  higher regions of our soul. To me, this
  sounds a lot like the  process  which  occurs  when  someone
  becomes demonically possessed, although I suppose there is a
  difference between forces, and beings which are comprised of
  such  forces,  depending  on  what  is guiding the forces or

  Another commonality between these forces and demons is  that
  both   induce   hatred   when  they  gain  access  to  human
  consciousness. In a few places in the Occult Movement in the
  19th Century, Steiner indicates a connection between demonic
  possession and hatred, and above,  he  indicates  that  when
  these  forces intrude into the wrong place, a person becomes
  a "world-hater."]

  If you ask: What is the nature  of  the  forces  which  make
  compensation  for the spent life-forces? the answer is: They
  are the forces of evil. Evil has its mission and it is here.
  If  this becomes known to anyone through spiritual training,
  it is for him as it was  for  earlier  seers,  something  of
  SPEAK, for sinful is the mouth that speaks of it, and sinful
  the ear that hears of it. Nevertheless man must realize that
  life is a process fraught with danger and that evil lies  in
  its  deep  foundations  as  a necessary force. [3] [emphasis
  added] 9, 11, and Black Magic

  As I wrote in the  opening  paragraph  of  this  essay,  the
  emphasis  placed on "9/11" by the media drew my attention to
  it, which caused me to recall passages which apparently shed
  light on their connection to black magic.

  I  have  read that 9 is sacred to satanists because it's the
  first square of an odd number. Furthermore, multiplying 9 by
  any integer between 1 and 9 produces a result whose numerals
  add up to 9. So, I suppose  that  to  black  magicians,  who
  believe   that  numbers  have  power,  9  is  an  especially
  "magical" and thus powerful number.

  But there is a potentially even more significant  connection
  between  9 and black magic. The following paragraph from one
  of Steiner's lectures, indicates what I believe is the  true
  connection between the number 9 and satanism:

  9)  This last [9th, central layer of Earth] is composed of a
  substance endowed with moral action. But  this  morality  is
  the  opposite  of  the  one  that is to be elaborated on the
  earth.  Its  essence,  its  inherent  force,   is   one   of
  separation,  of discord, and of hate. It is here in the hell
  of Dante that we find Cain the fratricide. THIS SUBSTANCE IS
  AND WORTHY. The activity of humanity in order  to  establish
  brotherhood  on  the  earth  diminishes  the  power  of this
  sphere. It is the power of  Love  which  will  transform  it
  inasmuch as it will spiritualize the very body of the Earth.
  APPEARS ON EARTH AS BLACK MAGIC, that is, a magic founded on
  egoism. [4] [emphasis added]


  William Wynn Westcott, one of the  founders  of  the  Golden
  Dawn  (which was evidently involved in the Ripper operation)
  wrote that "11  is  the  ESSENCE  of  all  that  is  sinful,
  harmful, and imperfect." [5] [emphasis added]

  In The Book of Lies, Crowley states that 11 is the number of
  black magic: "This is the special number of Horus; it is the
  Hebrew blood, and the multiplication of the 4 by the 11, the
  number of Magick, explains 4 in  its  finest  sense."  [i.e.
  bloody sacrifice]

  My  Jack  the  Ripper  essay  asserts  that "Horus" actually
  represents the human heart. So,  when  Crowley  assigns  44,
  which is 4 (representing blood) times 11 (representing black
  magic), to Horus or the heart, he  is  reinforcing  what  he
  says elsewhere, that the bloody sacrifice typically involves
  stabbing a person in the heart.

  Several  occurrences of 11 woven into attack

  11, the number of  black  magic,  was  embedded  in  various
  aspects  of the September 11th attack which tend to rule out
  coincidence. For instance, the flight number  of  the  first
  plane  to  hit  the  WTC  was 11, and the latter, flight 175
  (1+7+5 = 13, the Cabalistic number of Satan) struck at 9:02.
  The  numerals in 9/11 add up to 11, and the flight number of
  the plane which hit the Pentagon was 77.

  You might say that it's all a coincidence. But is it also  a
  coincidence  that  two  sets  of 44 spotlights, were used to
  commemorate The Twin Towers (13 letters),  forming  an  "11"
  out  of  light-beams to replace the former giant "11" formed
  by the 110-story Towers? Is this an admission  of  a  common
  cause  driving  those  who destroyed the buildings and those
  who commemorated it in such a manner, such as stampeding  us
  into a contrived "armageddon?"

  The  implication  of  the  number  11 being encoded into the
  construction of the WTC also raises a  disturbing  question,
  which occurred to me on the day of the attacks: was the WTC,
  which conveniently protruded well  above  the  NYC  skyline,
  built to be destroyed in the manner it was?


  [1] The Advent of Ahriman:

  [2] Rudolf Steiner, An Esoteric Cosmology,  Lecture  9:
  The Astral World

  [3] The Sun-Mystery in the Course of  Human   History

  [4] Rudolf Steiner, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Human Will

  [5] The Occult Power of Numbers, W. Wynn Westcott, p.100

  Some interesting and relevant quotes:


  "It  is most convenient to mark the circle with chalk, paint
  or otherwise, to show where it is; but marks on  the  carpet
  may  be  utilized.  Furniture  may be placed to indicate the
  bounds. The only circle that matters is the one drawn before
  every ceremony with either a duly consecrated Magic Sword or
  an Athame. The circle is  usually  nine  feet  in  diameter,
  unless  made  for  some  very special purpose. There are two
  outer circles, each six inches apart, so  the  third  circle
  has a diameter of eleven feet." --Gerald Gardener, father of
  modern witchcraft and Freemason,  who is here describing the
  ritual  practice of drawing  of a pentacle  or  five pointed
  star that's 9 feet long inside circles whose  outermost ring
  is 11 feet in diameter, wherein black majick rites are done.

  IS 11 FEET, i.e., 9-11. 

  "The  Architect,  the Geometrician, and every Mason, whether
  operative or free and speculative, are absolutely  dependent
  on the Science of Numbers".  Freemason Castells

  "This  is  the  special  number  of  Horus; it is the Hebrew
  blood, and the multiplication of the 4 by the 11, the number
  of  Magick,  explains  4  in its finest sense." [i.e. bloody
  sacrifice] --"Book of Lies" by Aliester Crowley, 33rd Degree

  "There  is  a Masonic order of Nine Elected Knights in which
  nine  roses,  nine  lights,  and  nine  knocks  are   used."
  --"Numbers:  Their  Occult  Power and Mystic Virtues", W. W.
  Wescott, Freemason, co-founder of the Order  of  the  Golden
  Dawn, a secret society dedicated to black witchcraft

  "The  followers  of  Pythagoras  ...  referred every object,
  planet, man, idea, and essence to some number or other, in a
  way  which to most moderns must seem curious and mystical in
  the highest  degree.  'The  numerals  of  Pythagoras',  says
  Porphyry,  who  lived  about  300  A.D.,  'were hieroglyphic
  symbols, by means whereof he explained all ideas  concerning
  the  nature  of  things',  and  the same [numeric] method of
  explaining  the  secrets  of  nature  is  once  again  being
  insisted   upon   in  the  new  revelation  of  the  'Secret
  Doctrine', by H.P. Blavatsky. 'Numbers  are  a  key  to  the
  ancient   views   of   cosmogony  --  in  its  broad  sense,
  spiritually  as  well  as  physically  considered,  to   the
  evolution   of  the  present  human  race;  all  systems  of
  religious mysticism are based upon numerals. The  sacredness
  of  numbers  begins with the Great First Cause, the One, and
  ends only with the nought or zero -- symbol of the  infinite
  and  boundless  universe'." [The Occult Power of Numbers, W.
  Wynn Westcott, p. 15.]

  "Within  the  Pentacle  are  the Names of the Nine Orders of
  Angels, those of six of them in ordinary Hebrew  Characters,
  and  the  remainder  in  the letters which are known as 'The
  Passing of the River.' These Nine Orders are:--  1.  CHAIOTH
  HA-QADESCH,  Holy  Living Creatures; 2. AUPHANIM, Wheels; 3.
  ARALIM,  Thrones;  4.  CHASCHMALIM,   Brilliant   Ones;   5.
  SERAPHIM, Fiery Ones; 6. MELAKIM, Kings; 7. ELOHIM, Gods; 8.
  BENI ELOHIM,  Sons  of  the  Elohim;  9.  KERUBIM,  Kerubim.
  --Mathers,  The  Key of Solomon (Clavicula Salomonis) edited
  by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers, Freemason and co-founder of
  the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

  "... so 11 is the essence of all that  is  sinful,  harmful,
  and imperfect." [Freemason Wescott, Ibid., p. 100]

    While 11 is important to Masons, multiplication's are also
  important,  such as 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99. This
  is why, for example, Anton LeVay, founder of the  Church  of
  Satan,  waited  until  the  year  1966  to found his satanic
  church. This is also why, as  there  is  ample  evidence  to
  attest,   Satanists,   when   performing   rituals,  utilize
  multiples of 11; for example, the recent 66 ritual murder in
  Germany  by  Satanic  vampires,  Frau Rudda and her husband,
  David, ritually murdered a man who  was  33  years  old  and
  slashed his face 66 times [66 + 33 = (99) = 9 * 11].

  The 33rd degree is the highest degree in Freemasonry. Albert
  Pike, 33rd Degree Freemason, who is  arguable  Freemasonry's
  foremost  human  icon,  helped  found  the  KKK;  'K' is the
  eleventh letter of the alphabet; thus, 'KKK' = 11 + 11 +  11
  = 33, thus conveying to high level Masons in numerically en-
  coded form that the Klu Klux Klan is in reality the spawn of
  a more hidden Den of Vipers, Black Masonry.

  *  In the Golden Dawn, There are also 11 steps, or degrees,.
  Aleister Crowley revered this number as well  when  he  said
  that  the  whole  object  of  magick  was the 5 (black, yin,
  pentagonal) with 6 (white, yang, hexagonal)  -- thus  making
  11!  Note that the pentagonal and and the hexagonal are flip
  sides of the occult Tailisman of Saturn.

  Visit the Cutting Edge Ministries web site for more infomat-
  tion pertaining to the significance of numerolgy (and espec-
  ially the numbers 9 and 11) to Freemasons.

  Captain William Morgan abducted on 9-11 by Freemasons:

  "...Professor  John  Robison, who, in 1797, published a book
  entitled "Proofs of a Conspiracy".  He  tried  to  warn  the
  world  of the insidious plans laid out by the Masons and the
  Illuminati. Another such man was Captain William Morgan, who
  was  a  member  for  thirty years. He wrote a books entitled
  "Illustrations of Masonry." He was not  able  to  enjoy  his
  brave  stance  against  these  orgaizations for long, for on
  September 11, 1826, he was kidnapped and  carried  away  for
  the  Village of Batavia and 'ritual- istically' murdered for
  exposing  the  great  secrets  of   the   Masons   and   the
  Illuminati."  (Doc Marquis, "Secrets of the Illuminati, page




"Thus, while States are gravitating toward a Universal Republic, the Super-State becomes an infrangible dictature, which according to its will grinds them down or else thoroughly infects them; that Super State is called JUDEO-MASONRY." (Msgr. Jouin, page 24, The Papacy & Freemasonry, Msgr. Jouin, 1930

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